new pics of glasshouse

raforSeptember 22, 2010

For those that are interested I just posted some new progress pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: progress pics

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

That is so cool!! Years ago in COUNTRY LIVING magazine, I saw a greenhouse constructed of old windows, and always thought it would be a great project. A vintage stained-glass piece would be perfect above the door.

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Oh my gosh ... that's the coolest thing ever! Tell us more, please!

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Way cool there, Rafor!
computer hanging up. gotta do something. back later.

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Wow, that's stunning! I've always wanted a glass house in our yard. I'll live through you now. :) I can't wait to see it all decked out.

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Hey, young gardener, glad you are still among us. It is a neat concept, isn't it?

I saw a couple of greenhouses behind a used door/window store here in Mobile. I became a regular at Mr. Marcell Corlett's place, and over the years until he was ravaged by Altzheimers, we discussed the structures he put up. He had the windows and glass doors, so he used them. And, he said it was easy to ventilate....just raise a window. Only one of them was used for a while as a plant shelter, because his wife was desperately ill as well. But the whole scene was fascinating to walk through. Toward the end, it was really a hazard to walk through the assortments of used items leaned everywhere, and I stopped venturing out there. But I replaced every door in MoccsinLanding, my bayou cottage, with doors from Mr. Corlett. He also let me buy at a real discount most of the shutters which were taken out of houses. I still love shutters, and they pair nicely with old windows. If you run across some very tall exterior cypress shutters, they would be a suitable embellishment for your glass house.

Once upon a time, I clipped magazines and had a huge collection of shutters and their uses. But sadly that turned to muddy mush during Katrina, as so many of my things did. Now I lay not treasures upon paper folders, but either scan them or photograph them for my computer files.
But still I have a passion for shutters.

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