"Message in a Bluegill"

segriebMarch 13, 2014

First let me say, I LOVE the GardenWeb Stained Glass & Mosaic Forum! I live in Northern Indiana where the winters are brutal (it is 7 degrees this morning; -7 degrees during the night). My "studio" is a converted outdoor tool shed that I have to shut down from December thru March because of the temps! This forum keeps me sane until I can return to my glass & mosaic projects in April. I spend these down months gathering ideas, collecting unique mosaic pieces & sketching designs. I wanted to share one of my favorite projects, "Message in a Bluegill" with y'all. She? He? makes me smile every morning when I open the family room curtains. It is whimsical, and a little out there, but that's okay. I have my artistic license!

"Message in a Bluegill" is an original design, and my 1st attempt at a 3-dimentional mosaic project. I made the head and pectoral fins out of oven-baked craft clay, added teddy bear eyes, and then mosaiced with glass pieces. The bluegill's body is driftwood collected from Folly Beach, SC and a glass bottle (purchased @ Michaels), reinforced together with black vinyl-coated wire. Corked inside the bottle is a map of the Atlantic Ocean (showing Bermuda), rolled & secured with jute twine. I added tiny seashells, transparent rocks for water drops, a rooster-tail fishing lure, and painted white "twinkles" on the eyes. The bluegill is suspended on fish leaders, and its overall size is 7" x 13". I had way too much fun making this bluegill! My next 3-D project... "Message in a Bullfrog!" Ribbit!

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I had seen this on your facebook and fell in love with it!

Can't wait to see the bullfrog. I bet it's going to be totally amazing too!

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WOW!!!! This is Over The Top AWESOME!!!!!! I luv 3d!!!

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I love it, it is so cute!!!!

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I really like that-amazing amount of detail there, Love the fish face and the use of the wood. cool.

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AMAZING Such a variety of things went together so well and made such an amazing piece.

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OMG that is so FREAKING great!!!!! hahahah superior creativity!

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That is crazy awesome. I love the different materials all together. The placement of the wood fins is great! More . . .

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Talk about a creative project!!! This takes the prize. LOVE everything about this amazing piece. If you haven't already, this should be put on exhibit in a gallery.

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What an amazing original idea. And so well done, every little detail thought of. I agree it should be shown in a gallery. Can't wait to see more in this series.

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Holy moley that's fabulous! I've never seen anything like it!

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IâÂÂm overwhelmed with your accolades re: âÂÂMessage in a Bluegill!â Thank you all! Weather is still a bit nippy to re-open my glass studio (the outdoor tool shed!), so that I can Mosaic. Space heaters heat up my 9âÂÂx11â space to about 60 degrees, but my feet & hands get cold. This has been the Winter from Hades in Northern Indiana! Susan Griebel, Rome City, IN

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