Dreaming of a small home again.....

cuddlepooSeptember 26, 2006

Well, the end is in sight for remodeling our 3400 sf home of 7 years (DIY which is why it's taken soooo long) and I can't wait to get back into a smaller home. When we bought this place my step-kids were younger and visited alot. Now they are adult and almost adult and usually just drive over for dinner or lunch. I HATE cleaning a big house and remodeling a big house is just alot more expensive even if you DIY. DH will not agree to move for at least a couple of years, but I'm starting my dreaming now. Small house, more land (than our current 2.5 acres), more outbuilding, view, water, who knows. We can afford so much more when we sell this place. Was anyone else chomping at the bit to get out of a bigger house?

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Absolutely, but my circumstances were quite a bit different. I was "escaping" not only a big house, but a bad marriage as well, and had dreams of a quaint little place that didn't feel overwhelming. My ex wanted to build a 5,000+ square foot home (he actually sold the home we were in and moved into a home about that size a couple of years ago), but I could never see myself living in a home that large.

Will you build a smaller home, or opt for an existing home -- or just wait and see what happens? I do hope your hubby gets "on board" with you soon and starts wanting the smaller place that you do. It's so much nicer when you both have the same vision! :-)

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5000 sf! Houses are just getting bigger and bigger! I'm glad you got out of there and could go on to what you wanted.
I think my 'little dream home' will be an existing home just because of the stress of dealing with contractors. I also like a home with a history and a feeling of having been lived in. I know hubby wants the same thing, but he has put so much work into this house and just hates to move. All he wants is just a big giant shop and he's a happy camper (with barcolunger and anything that he can use to hold up his beer). We both want bigger acreage with lots of woods, him for dirt bike riding and me for horseback riding.
We're ripping out the kitchen right now, which is the last big job to do. I only kept out the kitchen items that I use every day and they fit in a very small area. It's been great! It takes me about 10 minutes to do the dishes an put them away. I can virtually stand in one place and put everything away. I can see a tiny kitchen in my future too.
And for those that think they need a big kitchen, double ovens, etc, I once cooked for a 30+ person party we had years ago with just a regular range. This was done in a small, 70's galley kitchen, so if anyone thinks they need all of they fancy appliances to entertain, not true! It just takes good planning and a combination of foods that you can prepare in the oven, on stove top and cold foods. So don't let anyone tell you that you need a big 'entertaining' kitchen.

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Oh, my goodness ... I remember how my grandmothers (and great-grandmothers!) would prepare enough food to feed an army at Thanksgiving and Christmas (well, ok - it was only our families, but that meant lots of people!) in a tiny little kitchen! And they survived, and we all ate very well, but most of all - we were left with the sweet memory of a cozy, warm space with a woman moving from counter to stove to fridge in almost a "dance" as she lovingly prepared our meals.

Not saying that doesn't happen in larger kitchens that contain all the bells and whistles, but, well ... there's just "something" about the way it used to be done, in a tiny little kitchen, with only the basic sort of equipment, that holds a great amount of sentimental charm for me! :-)

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