Plum Cottage kitchen/scullery pics

FlowerLady6September 5, 2010

Here is the main entry into our cottage, through the kitchen.

Here is the picture before we opened the kitchen to the utility room.

Here is a picture after with morning sunlight shining into the space. You can see Tork our outdoor girl, sitting on the ledge outside the window.

If you wish to see more pictures go to the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage scullery

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Ohhhh myyyyyy. While I was posting for you on the other thread, you were creating this one. Just lovely. Thank you, but I hope I did not stop any baking chores? Nothing like the smell of bread baking unless it is apple pie.

Thanks, Flowerlady.

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Flowerlady you just make me drool over fresh baked bread smell. Down 21 pounds now and do not dare get into a fresh baked loaf just yet. You know one thing leads to another and bread with out butter and butter with out jam. And then the tea. Some one slap me. Gotta stop this. Hehehehe Can almost smell that bread from here.

So glad you added these pictures and I also visited your blog. Loving the hearts in beads.

Heading off the the city to put in a few hours office time.


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