Hanging Stained Glass Windows

culateru2March 14, 2011

Hi, I am a newbie here and to the mosaic world. I have done a couple gog using the old windows, but I have a question on how to hang it the best way. Not sure what hooks/chain to use. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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When I had the empty old windows hanging on my patio I bought eye hooks at Lowes. One for the patio rafter and one for the window. Open the links on the chain and put it through the eye hooks and close the link - simple. Hope you'll show us pictures.

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Thanks..I wasnt sure if opening up the links would weaken them. I thought I would have to use eye hooks with the s hooks. I am having trouble with the weldbond drying so it might take a while to show some pics. I am trying to stay away from toxic stuff, so maybe Mac Glue? suggestions?

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IMO Weldbond is the least toxic glue you can use. That's why most mosaicists use it. However, it isn't for outside use. I haven't used Mac Glue, but I know many artists highly recommend it.

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heavy I thought the hanging window would be. They picked the chain size based on that

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