Floor Color - Match or Contrast Cabinets?

Alex44May 22, 2013

Hi Everone! This is my first post. I wish I had discovered this forum a while ago as our kitchen demo begins next week.

Anyway, my question is about flooring. We have selected the Martha Stewart for Home Depot "Ox Hill" (shaker-style) cabinets in color Ocean Floor (a very olive-green grey). Countertops will be Corian Sea Salt (creamy white with beigey veining and flecks). We're getting tile floors (wood floors will not work for us) and I have a question about color.

I have samples of two Emser Tile "Strands" colors. One, "Olive," is a perfect match to the color of the cabinets. The other, "Oyster," is a perfect match to the color of the countertops. I am having desing paralysis on which to choose. I am sort of loving the idea of matching the tile to the cabinets, but am wondering if anyone has seen a kitchen where the cabinets and floors are the same color (and not wood). Do you think it would look strange?

I'm flailing about on this choice - any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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That's my simple answer.

Longer answer is with your unusual cabinet color, I'd want that to be the star and not have flooring that "matches" it and therefore competes to be the star.

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You will probably get more responses if you post photos or links of your choices. We don't know all these products off the top of our heads.

We considered the countertop first when we chose our floor tile. We used a quiet, almost solid colored quartz countertop and color-matched it with a porcelain tile which had some movement and variation. If you have solid planes of color and pattern in cabinets, countertops, backsplash and floor, it gets a little boring. So plan for some pattern somewhere.

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Here is a photo as suggested that shows the colors of the cabinets and countertops. I am considering tiles that match either color.

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Sophie Wheeler

I wouldn't match either. If you're going to do tile, look for a warm wood look tile plank. Like your inspiration pic. Both of your choices are cool, and you need something to warm it up. And you will HATE living with a white floor if you've got the normal amount of multi member household activity. It shows everything.

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I prefer floors that contrast with cabinets. Probably the best way for you to figure out what you prefer is to look at a bunch of pictures of kitchens. Try houzz.com and you'll plenty examples of both.

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