Gourd Scarecrow Lady

phonegirlSeptember 13, 2010

Hi Everyone, I couldn't decide what to paint for all of you tonight. Painted a gourd, added a face since it would be faster than painting flowers. I had this vase DH painted for me and have never got around to painting anything on it so plopped it in and it fit! I also had this little straw hat sitting on the same shelf in the closet and it fit. Found a little raffia and realized she was a girl when I started gluing it on. Added a bow and a little flower on her hat. Fun little 2 hour project tonight.

I might end up giving her to DMIL for her birthday if I don't do some more shopping for her.


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Oh what a cute little face you painted on it! And you had just the perfect bow to go with it. TFS, it made me smile! Luvs

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She is adorable right down to the cross stitches on her mouth. My questions is: How did you get 4 tails to your bow?


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Punk, she's absolutely precious. I love her sweet face. What a great idea for a vase too.

hugs, Karen

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Luvs, Bell and Karen, thanks for your comments. I used JMP face to make this. She is one of my favorites.

Belle, I cut a piece of ribbon and glued it on and then glued the bow in the center, which gave me 4 ribbons hanging down. You can also make the bow and tie another ribbon around the center of the bow for extra ends.

Karen, Thanks for the comments. Funny you came over here, I thought of you when I was making her.


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art is the ability to take current items and create something beautiful from them and that you have done. She's absolutely adorable and will charm anyone she sees. I didn't think anything truly cute could be made with a gourd, but you've done it. (another one with a baby's bonnet and a pacifier and she would have a swaddled baby to keep her company.)

You have opened-up a whole new line of ideas for me to do with all these vases i have. Thank You. YEA!


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Marie, You made me LOL, "didn't think anything truly cute could be made with a gourd". I like your idea of making a baby out of a gourd. Thanks.

Be sure and post pictures so we can enjoy your projects.


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