anyone live in Knoxville,Tn ?

khspwSeptember 23, 2009

I'm trying to find someone to paint with. Thought we could meet somewhere and just paint whatever and chat and eat of course. Let me know.

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Good Evening khspw,
Welcome to the forum. I live in MT but hope someone will read your post who lives close and join you for a fun time painting. Your offer sounded great to me. If I lived close I would be getting in touch.

Hope you will continue to hang out here with all of us and post your projects here for all to enjoy.


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Hi, I don't live in Tennessee but I did check the Society of Decorative Painters web site and found they have a chapter of painters called Heart of Knoxville Night Painters. If you call their President she should be able to help you out. Email me at and I will send you her name, email and phone number. Most chapters have painters from beginners to advanced and knowing how sharing most painters are, I know you will find someone to share your interest. Good Luck, and email me.

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