What do do with this angled ceiling?

wi-sailorgirlSeptember 21, 2010

First of all, I realize there may be more appropriate forums to ask this question in, but I really like it over here and I'm hoping that some of you with small houses will have some funny ceiling angle experience.

The question is, where should the ceiling be in the bedrooms in our renovation?

That picture is essentially our bedroom (and the other one is basically the same, just a tad smaller). Although the window (which has been moved up, by the way) looks centered, the world's smallest walk-in closet is going in the far righthand corner, and there will be a wall with a hallway there as well. So the bedroom itself about four feet shorter on the right side of the picture. Originally we had planned to do an angled ceiling and then have about a 2-foot wide flat spot in the middle (you can sort of see where this would be if you look below the center beam to where the studs terminate). Upon further review, we're not sure why we were thinking along those lines because it's not the center of the room anyway, so I don't think we'd want to mount a ceiling fan there anyway (we'd probably do an angle mount for the ceiling fan and center it in the actual room).

Note that on the left side of the picture is the shed dormer, so the angle is less steep there. So you can see, there's a lot happening on that ceiling.

This floor plan drawing might help you understand the layout better. This picture is taken facing south, so this is at the bottom of the layout.

So the question is ... flat spot or straight up to the beam? We're going to do a wide-plank tongue-and-groove painted board on the ceiling if that helps you picture it at all.

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I think I would like the ceiling to go up to the point. Just that much more visual space above your head. Really like your lay out. The master will be the room next to the bath? At first I wondered about the large balcony area but can really see possibilities in that space for added living space. A desk or dressing table or sitting area or all of the above. Nice plans.

For me I am REALLY glad you are sharing this with us at the SH board. Thanks for your efforts.


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I know this makes no sense at all, but the master is actually the bigger bedroom with the little walk-in closet, farther away from the bathroom. When we moved in both upstairs bedrooms were identical so we chose the southern exposure one for more light. When we renovated, it just made sense to add the second bathroom on the north side of the house, directly over the existing bedroom downstairs. I'm just so thrilled that I'm going to have a bathroom I don't have to walk downstairs for that a few more steps don't bother me. I can drink water again at night!

That hallway/balcony area is all open to the living room below and it's one of the things we love best about the space so we were adamant about making sure it stayed. We may move the desk up there.

Here's the view from that hallway:

Thanks for weighing in on the ceiling!

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OH I think it is perfectly fine to take the farther room and also it makes it so both rooms are used by the bath. AND for us I usually go to bed later then Joe so I feel bad being right there showering and making noise in the bath while he is trying to sleep. He is one that will sleep through anything so no big deal. I think it is just perfect. I totally see a desk up on that balcony. And a sitting area too.

I am just in love with what you are doing here. Also like your room below. Would freak me out to have to paint it because I am afraid of heights but the space is wonderful. So light and bright.


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Chris ... there's no way I'd paint that room either! The good news is that since they have to rip out the living room ceiling to shore up the roof structure, they'll be putting in new drywall there and on the walls so we'll be rid of that horrible texture AND someone else will be painting it!

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Hey, Sailorgirl. I am seeing that the centerline of the roof comes to the centerline of the window in your Bedroom #1.
I think leaving that line of sight straight and related will give an impact that the room is symmetrical.

Are you still planning a window seat under that window?
Even if you are not, I would want the 24" wide closet door to be a BIFOLD SHUTTER STYLE. That is what I just bought at Lowes already painted a satin white and hinged. I think with it bifold, it would not get in your way as much.

We love the bifolds. They do not have to be mounted with floor tracks, I NEVER use those. And we have already bought three pairs of bifold wooden FRENCH doors for the master bedroom in the little cape up north. In order to keep the entire 24" width to the door, we are not mounting any door stop molding on the sides of the door. We only have it across the top, and that serves to keep the door panels straight and secure.

When I get up to MA and can take some pictures of those doors, I will post them.

The view above the railing overlooking the chimney and the walls below, seems to me they have the look of beadboard? Or something close to beadboard maybe? The shuttered closet bifold doors would look excellent with those. I also recommend that where privacy is not an issue, that the bifold French doors will allow a more spacious feel to small dimensions.

As much ceiling space or headroom as you can get, that's what I'd get. You won't be wall papering it, so have it fitted like a ship's cabinetry.

Looking great, and really moving along!!

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OH Woo Hoo!!!! We had a house like that once and I got it painted as far up as I dared then Joe had to finish it. Was 22 foot up and I got about 14 foot or so with extension poles. I have resorted to taping paint brush on broom handle. But that it really hard to do. So glad some one else will be doing it for you.

Are there more pictures???

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