Louver doors should I paint or stain?

maryjanejSeptember 1, 2006

Hi Everyone,

We recently repainted the bathroom. And want to add louver doors to a big closet that's in there. The louver doors we bought are paintable grade.

I would like suggestions on what colour I should paint them or maybe stain them. I thought of painting them the same colour of the walls so they would blend in better.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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How about the same color as your vanity and tub surround (?) I personally prefer doors to contrast with rather than blend in with the walls--I think that it is a more classic look, but I could be wrong.

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If they're paint grade I wouldn't try staining them. They call it "paint grade" wood for a reason... because it typically doesn't stain worth doodly. You could trade them in for a stain grade door set if you're really interested in staining (and I do think that would probably look best, since it looks like your trim is stained wood - what about the bathroom's main door? Stained or painted?). However, I painted the closet doors in my bedroom to the wall color because I couldn't afford new oak doors to go with the new oak trim and I don't think it looks bad.

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With all the wood in your bath I would suggest stain...but as Johnmarie said...needs to be stainable. Painting is actually what I would do though, considering it is a bath with moisture.

Are you set on using louvered doors? Due to a water heater or unit behind that needs circulation? Louvered dooors are more upkeep, if stained they would also need sufficient sealer and probably a good coat or two of varnish against moisture. Even painted they require more upkeep. I have one in my laundry room for opening to the furnace room....stained by previous owner and not a very good job. A couple of slats are warped, suspect from moisture and that they are probably not very good quality. Am going to paint this door the same color as other door trim, take it outdoors and spray it. The thought of painting all those louvers by hand eludes me. Would like to have a solid door, but code won't agree.

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I vote to return them, LOL. Hated the ones I had 'cause they were real dust collectors.

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Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for your help and suggestions. The reason I want to put louver doors is because there's a washer and dryer in that closet and thought it would be best with air circilation. I had priced the better grade doors that you could stain but they're a bit pricey these we're a better price.
I think I will go with the suggestion of painting them the same colour as the tub surround as krustytopp mentioned.
But will be spraying them with oil paint as emagineer mentioned that would save a lot of time and should be more durable.

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Hi - don't want to hijack your thread, but I have an ugly louvered door I'd like to paint, and would also like to avoid painting every nook and cranny. Do you just use regular spray paint? Thanks for your help!

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