Closeups of Scarecrow and instructions

Frances_ARSeptember 24, 2006

For those of you that want to make your own.

Details: The body is cut from a 1X12 piece of pine, the arms, from a 1X2, and the legs are a 1X4. (I rounded the edges on these.) The head is one I cut out of paper, because the one I had seen had a Jack-O-Lantern head and I didn't much like it. I drilled 2 holes in each end of the 'arm' and 'legs' then put them in 'place', and drilled holes in the body for the limbs. The whole thing is tied together with twine. At the bottoms of the arms and legs, I drilled holes and glued in raffia. That was another modification I made, the original had straw shaped pieces of wood, but I didn't like them, either.

His head is 8X91/2"

his arms are 7" long each section

his legs are 91/4"

his body 151/4"

Closeup of head:


Closeup of back:


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Aw, his back is painted too, how cute. Love that little pocket hankey and the overall sign! ha Cute details. Thank you for doing the "constructions" as my DS calls them (instructions). I'm gonna save that to my file to put on my todo list if you don't mind. I think your modifications probably turned out better than the original. Thanks again. ~Anj

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Frances, That is so sweet of you to share details of how to make the scarerow. So cute to see that you did the back too--not many people bother to do that anymore! In that case, he should be right in the middle of the garden, not up against the shed! LOL Did you just use rebar to support him? He is really cute. I will save this to my clippings for future reference. Thanks, Luvs

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