Anyone catch D. Dewberry on HSN?

luvstocraftSeptember 8, 2006

I got an email that she would be on yesterday and today so I recorded it and am sort of watching it now. I love to watch her paint, and she has encouraged so many to try painting. I wanted to learn one stroke because I love anything that has roses on it, and she made it look "easy".

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No, I didn't get to see it. She does make it look so easy. I saw some of her books at Michaels the other day. I'm going to have to get one of the beginner ones and try it out. Next time you get an email, give us a heads up here so maybe we can catch it too ok. ~A

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Luvstocraft and Anjabee - I picked up on Donna Dewberry about three years ago by watching her on QVC. I took the plunge and got her books and some paint. I've always loved to paint and really enjoy it. I will say the One-Stroke Method is to some extent, very easy. I painted a flower pot after practicing for one day and was very surprised how quickly I picked up on the strokes and the outcome of the flower pot. Took me a while to catch on to the comma stroke of the roses but finally did it and now that is easy too, it's just a matter of leaning the brush at the right angle. So practice, practice, practice and you will be painting very quickly.


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Craftylady, I sort of taught myself too by using a video and worksheet and lots of practice. I am pretty happy with my roses and leaves. Now working to learn the Iris, pansy, geranium, etc. Even when I know mine does not look exactly like Donna's, other people seem to think it looks really good! Hey, I know that unlike me, you know how to post pics. Would you share some of your painted projects with us please? We love pics! On todays show, Donna introduced a new fabric paint that is supposed to stay soft even on stretch fabrics--I didn't order it, already have too many projects on my list. LOL

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