Another in the Cross Series

texaswildMarch 4, 2009

Nothing is glued down yet. Didn't mean to start another project b/f getting the yard cleaned up and ready to plant annuals, but.............. y'all know how crazy we get when inspiration strikes. When I had the idea, I went to the garage to look for scrap wood, and this tall plank was standing right in front of me and called to me LOUDLY. The rest is To Be Continued.


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Well, I see a little rest and relaxation in PV just inspired you more, Slow....(which I always want to type as "Fast" or something more in keeping with your electic style and pace.) (smile)

I agree with your idea that religious icons are inspirational to work with, Slow. I love the crosses that Klinger and Calamity gave me, and am anxious to work them into something. I was sorry you weren't able to go to Bucerias with us this year, but thought you'd enjoy this picture from there. This is a piece the mosaic artist there was working on for a local church.

And just look at that wonderful floor in your studio! Someday I SO want to see your place.

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What a beautiful mosaic. That artist wasn't very nice to me last year. I asked her a couple questions of how/what she uses to paint the back of her glass, and she said "One more question from you, and I'll charge you for a workshop". I was so shocked I was speechless, but not so shocked that I didn't leave immediately. I'll NEVER go back into her shop. You're welcome to come visit any time. Here's what I've glued so far. I can't decide on the background - what's left of it - glass color should be. Any suggestions? I was thinking of black. Note the small brown crosses - from KLINGER and CALAM's gift bag.
Large Cross Beginnings

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Well, black would certainly make everything pop. Sounds great to me.

That artist was working when we were there, but allowed me to take photos, which I appreciated, but I know how you felt. Remember, I'm the one that got all of us thrown out of your favorite shop in Puerto Vallarta. LOL I'll never go back there either!

Cindy was poking around looking under the Bucieras artist's tables and feels pretty sure that she's just using acrylics on that glass, as she saw boxes of it (that she no doubt uses for classes).

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You all are too funny!!! I would so love to meet you all someday and would dearly love to join you in Mexico!!!! It sounds like a blast!! And I do so love a good Maragrita!!!!!!!!! Later, Cathy

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AH ha...I remember that shop in Bucerias and the owner getting hotie with you!! What an could run circles around her and teach her a thang or 2. By the way, I won't go back there either...:) I love your big cross......all the goodies going on it....!!!

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Finished gluing. Can't grout until Sunday. DD is coming for the weekend. It'll be a dancing weekend too. Haven't been to the Electric Cowboy in so many months, I may need lessons. The tile I used for the background is shrimp-colored. Put it on w/thinset to keep from slipping/sliding.
Cross b/f Grout

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Shrimp colored! I wouldn't have ever thought of it. I have so much to learn. Grouting dark?

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This is awesome Betty................all the surprises to look is fantastic..AS USUAL!

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WOW, done gluing already... I feel like a slug compared to you! Its very beautiful! what size is it - looks HUGE!

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It IS huge, NT. It's five feet tall. Thanks, y'all. Now I wish I'd used thinset on all of it, cuz I've changed my mind on where I'll hang it - it'll go on my front porch. I've had a mirror out there for as long as I've been mosaicing, and it hasn't changed a bit - did it on plywood w/no prep or sealing. The porch is protected, so I think it'll last my lifetime.

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5FT tall!!! Isn't that you in your "Boots"?!!! LOL! I have a big ol' side of my house that I was gonna hang a big tin star on, but now I'm rethinkin'...DH will be agreeing about a Slow inspired cross!!!! Yeehaw!!!

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LOL, CALAM. The name of this one is: "For me and my house.....". You'll know how to finish it. Glad you are thinking of doing one. After I got it constructed I Googled "mosaiced crosses", and found a site that makes and sells them the same size and larger. Of course, their crosses were mosaiced w/very symmetrical tess, organized and themed. I already knew what I wanted to do w/it, but it helped to see other examples. Also saw some Shabby Chic ones. When I get the water feature installed and running, I'm starting on the outside of my front door.

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5 ft? OH MY WORD!

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In place. Needs a potted plant under it - haven't been shopping for plants yet - have to weed all the beds first.
Cross in Place

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Holy Cow! You work soooo fast! I love the cross, it looks awesome hanging by the front door! You're starting on the outside of the front door next! Yipee!! Looking so forward to seeing what you do, I KNOW it will be beeuteefull!

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It may be shrimp colored but it ain't shrimp sized!lol! Looks great..AS USUAL!!!! I'm getting my 1/2acre fenced so no more deer..or I won't be HAVING plants to worry about!lol! Plus the guy is landscaping 1/2 the yard so I won't be breaking any more bones!!! Yeehaw!!! Oh...and I'm haulin' out YODA.....

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I can't wait to peek at this....photobucket is having difficulties?

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This was really quick, cuz I used the hammer to break up the shrimp-colored tiles - slap and stick, Gypsie-style. Thanks, y'all. Yes, SQUIRRELLY: front door. I'd start that today, if I hadn't had the yard man rip a very tall column into fourths yesterday. My next project is to mosaic them and adhere them to the facings of my l.r. and d.r. w/a small half round shelf on top. THEN the front door - lots of mirror and hot pink paint.

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