problems/questions with color washing my grout

phish_gwMarch 15, 2010

Hi all. when I have grouted with a rich/dark grout, it somehow ends up getting into the nooks and crannies of my tesserai and making it look dirty. So I've tried colorwashing instead. From what I've read, that basically means painting my piece and then washing it off in hopes I can get the paint out of the tesserai but it will remain on the grout. But that hasn't worked well for me either.

I have tried various dark paints, enamel, acrylic. In my tests, I have used a smooth tesserai. The good news is that when washing off my piece, the dark paint has come out of my tesserai. The problem is it also comes out of my grout. When I wash it to clean off the tesserai, the grout color fades.

Is there a certain type of paint I should use? Is there a certain right amount of time that I should wait so that when I wash off my piece, I clean up the tesserai but not the grout? Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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When I painted grout - gold metallic was the last time several yrs. ago b/f I started using only charcoal and black grout - I waited until the grout was dry, then painted, then waited overnight for the paint to dry, and then washed it off the glass tess. It was tough getting the gold metallic off the glass, but it finally worked. What colors grout are you using? I also have found that cement-based mortar/grouts are impervious to paint once it has dried.

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the term color washing kind of came about because you are looking to "dye" the grout with a watered down version of paint. it should be thin enough to soak into your grout just like a sealant will. I have used acrylics with great success and only have issues with it remaining as a surface treatment if I try to do it while the grout is still very wet.

There is now a move toward using india ink as a better effect at dyeing grout to a darker tone and I have been told that adding alcohol ink to sealant works well too. That last technique is supposed to be cool with TG because its thin enough to run seams where grout didn't fit in

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Nicethyme I have not heard that !That is good to know .I have just been given some .I will have to try that .
Try useing vinager to clean with it helps a lot .

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