EnigmaQuandry, the cab beside your fridge?

MoccasinSeptember 3, 2010

Enigma, I have been looking for a shallow tower cabinet, floor to ceiling, which can be used in my new bath. What I want is a shallow version of the one you placed to the left of your fridge.

Where did you get it? How deep is it? Is it available about 12 inches deep or so? Did you stack two of them to be that tall, or can you order it that way?

If you don't mind, so other folks will know what I'm discussing, could you repost the photo here? I cannot find the thread where you posted that picture, drat it all!


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Are you talking about the pictures in this thread?
Kiki's Bungalo

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Moccasin, sorry I didn't see this before...

Here is the picture I think you're talking about :)

From [Stonegate Cottage](http://picasaweb.google.com/christy.henninger/StonegateCottage?feat=embedwebsite)

I wish I could be more helpful, but the tower to the left of the fridge I built myself from lumber and then installed against the wall, I just couldn't find anything that would fit that spot! It's standard base-cabinet depth and about 13" wide

That being said, have you considered a good bookcase that you could build into your bathroom? It seems like it would be about the depth you are looking for. I know Ikea has tons of options for their bookcases/mediacases...if you wanted doors on it you could go to your local Goodwill or Habitat for humanity and pick up some cabinet doors that you like FIRST (there are always tons of old cabinet doors there from when people reface their kitchens), then get a bookcase that would fit the WIDTH of your cabinet doors, then just place the shelves the HEIGHT of your cabinet doors, assemble everything, hang the doors and paint it all out!

Sorry if that was way more thoughts than requested, I can't NOT think of cheaper, diy ways to do something :)

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What about this? It looks like the right dimensions at least maybe :)

Here is a link that might be useful: bookcase

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enigmaquandry. Your kitchen turned out so pretty!!! Loving the black.


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or check with HD - they have bathroom cabs like they do kitchen cabs... in one booklet from them I saw line drawings of them in the back section. they had some about 12" deep - I think. might have been 18" tho. worth a look - or call and ask. the one I wanted was about 400.00. I might get it down the road but will have to live in my place awhile to decide if I really need it.

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that's Woodmark cabs. check spec sheet for one 12" deep

Here is a link that might be useful: woodmark tall cab specs

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Marti, yes, the Kiki thread was where I saw it recently, but remember it from way back when Enigma finished it. What a stunning redo for next to nothing in such an important room!

And Enigma, I always appreciate the DIY approach. My DH would be able to build it, but I have PLANS for that boy!! So the Billy bookcase is super reasonable. I think it comes in white as well. With IKEA, anything can be cut down, even the cab doors.

Steph, the Home Depot idea is fine, but I need two of them, which will be flanking either side of the entry to the tub alcove. So $800 is a bit much. I was looking at the Woodmark cabs several months ago, when cruising for the tall cabs to use as pantries either side of the new window seat in the dining room.

My order of preference now is 1. IKEA Billy cabs, 2. Homemade by DH out of pine wood, 3. Home Depot.

DH gets all flustered with me when I begin planning a different project before the current one is finished. I prefer to do that though. For one thing, it helps to keep creative juices flowing, it is a possible way to order the known items early and get a discount because of the prices being above a certain amount. Plus, if an item I order for one project doesn't exactly work, I sort of plan to try it in the other spot before I take it back.

Thanks for chiming in, everybody.

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My decision is made, and I am in the process of building these jewels myself.

First I bought two pairs of prefinished 12" wide bifold shutter doors, prepainted white. And I bought a 12" x 1" x 8' long pine board as the back. The front will be open to start with. I will be making 2 of these 12d x 14w x 88"high towers for either side of the alcove. I will place permanent fixed shelves at top/bottom/middle for rigidity. There will be the usual row of holes drilled at intervals on the inside edges so additional adjustable shelves made of left over Lexan can be placed in between the fixed shelves. This will be screwed to the walls well above the floor so DH can have room for installing the tile later on.
It should also make it easier to keep the bathroom floor clean.

I saw a design similar to this in an old Better Homes and Gardens special issue years ago, and have kept the idea in mind ever since. My use of Lexan because I have it is not in that plan.

I'll upload a photo of it when I get the parts assembled before hanging them on the wall. I love shutters!!

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Sounds lovely! It's so much fun to make them yourself, then they're exactly what you want!

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Great idea ML. Would make perfect storage for bath supplies and pretty towels. Does not sound hard to make either.
Pre painted is GOOD. Hate painting shutters.

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