Just color me Blue

pezabelleSeptember 16, 2010

Well....I finely finished my bird so now I can go back to painting what is fun!

Thanks for taking a look.....I can see where several things need correcting including lightening and blending the background. Sorry about the quality of the photo.....it's not really fuzzy.


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Oh Belle, your bird is wonderful! The feathers look so soft and the eye and beek look real. Your berries, leaves and branches stand out and look great on the muted back ground you painted. It doesn't need another stroke! You got it down pat and hope you enjoy painting more little creatures for us to enjoy.


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You are waaay too hard on yourself! Your bird is lovely as are the leaves and berries. I agree with Punk, the feathers, eye and beak are excellent. Just wait until someone comes to your house and sees it--I just know the compliments will follow--and hopefully you will realize you did an amazing painting job on it!


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AH! You both make me blush! Thank you! The berries were the fun part and nothing like the original, which was all done in shades of Caynon Orange...well except the bird and branches.

Again, TY


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Great job, love the colors in the leaves. The feathers really do look very soft and fluffy. More pics, please.

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Belle: You did a fabulous job with all of it. The soft background places the majority of the emphasis on the bird and berries. The first thing that caught my attention was how perfect you accomplished the beak. The berries are plump and ripe so you know the little bird is content. Can I pet his fluffy tummy? :) Don't change an exceptional painting, by doubting your obvious skill.

L Marie

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Belle, beautiful blue bird ---- did you use a pattern (if so, who's) or is this your own design.


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Beautiful job. I'm with the rest. Leave well enough alone.

He looks very sweet and well fed!! He must be the early bird and has caught all the worms.


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Woot Woot!! He's perfect Claudia!! You did an amazing job on him and the branches and berries! I don't think it looks blurry at all....just great!! ~Anj

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WoW! Thank You All! This was my first "serious" attempt at a real bird and he is really over weight! The pattern is by Shirly Koenig and is in Country's Edge Vol 5

I have done several other of her patterns and have trouble with her colors. They are completely different, at least in my eye, than they are in the pictures.

I am going to redo not only the bird but also the butterflies, as the back grounds are tooooooooooo dark for my home. DH thinks the back grounds should be in blues, purples and something. Well see.


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I think the green-based background sets the focus on the Blue bird. But perhaps a background done in the shades of a rosey sunset would be different to. OR a background done with pattens of fall colors as if the leaves behind the bird was turning, would be more masculine. These are just ideas, but personally, I would not mess with perfection.

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Rather than messing with it, I think you should just send it on to me! That bird is GREAT!! And I have just the room for that green background.

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