Reversible Fall/Halloween Pumpkin

anjabeeSeptember 9, 2011

For some reason it is not letting me post in the Gallery. Anyway, I bought this poor neglected pumpkin at the TS. It was all beat, banged and scratched up so I totally repainted it and added a little bling to it. Also painted the back so it can be left out throughout fall and not just for Halloween. The reverse side is a Renee Mullins pattern. For some reason I was having problems with this one. Still not happy with it, but it's finished at last. Hope you like it. ~Anj

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Anj, beautiful job repainting this pumpkin. You come up with the cutest sayings for your projects! The fall side is perfect and will be great after Halloween.


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I love your pumpkins. You did a wonderful job. Like the idea of painting the back. I am going to start doing that. Thanks for sharing.


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Anj....what is there to be unhappy about....both sides are super! I like flying monkeys and it is a quick reminder of my all time favorite movie.

And your "primitive" is beautiful, your shading and highlights and your floats (I hate floating) are so well done...everything is happy to my eye.


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You did a great job of "blinging" it up! I like the glitter. The little candy corns on the wire are a great addition too! As for the other side, you know I love Renee Mullins designs and you certainly painted that one so nicely. I love the idea of using both sides as well, twice the pleasure and half the storage space, right? ;o)


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Thanks everyone! If you only knew the fits I was having with those dang pumpkins and that house! Who can't paint a straight line??? ME!! lol Glad y'all liked it. The words were already on this one, just had to paint over it all and I could see the faint outline underneath so I redid the lettering as close as I could to the original. =) Yes, Luvs! Exactly! I hope the boutique buyers have the same thoughts! lol ~Anj

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I think you did a wonderful job, love it!

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Really a terrific job! Anj, don't you ever worry about those straight lines. I think that it looks great. (And a stiff line would interrupt the flow). Like the 2 for 1 idea!

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