Painted blocks and a sign

luvstocraftSeptember 10, 2010

Karen aka Purplemoon emailed me the pic of the tired out santa and it was so cute that I just had to paint a couple of them. Yes, this one with the purple background is going to her. ;o) I looked through some of my Halloween mags and ran across these Halloween characters that I had earmarked, so got busy and painted them on some blocks. In the mag, they were cutouts used as ornaments. They were fun and easy to paint so I may end up actually doing some cutouts of them if I figure out where I'd like to use them. Enjoy!


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Love the Santa - and what a neat idea with the blocks. I haven't painted anything for the fall yet - it isn't something I normally do but maybe for the grandkids.

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Luvs, how cute! Love looking at all the different expressions you painted on these. I like the ribbons yu added to the blocks too.

Santa sign is cute and I know Karen will love it. If it wasn't for the red suit, I would of thought you painted me!!!

I have gotten more sleep this week and hope I have alot of energy for the weekend. I have to go in tomorrow for phone sales and then I should be able to do what ever my heart desires the rest of the weekend.


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OMG. That Santa sign is funny!

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Your Halloween stuff is darling....but I LUVS the Santa sign!! I can't wait to get it, you lil Sweetheart!
I'll grin every time I look at it, and that's a good thing.

hugs, Karen

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pezabelle did it yet again...brought a smile and a good felling to an otherwise dull day.

Santa is funny with the hole in his shoe and the blocks are so cute and "Granny" in the witch costume reminds me of someone...AH! Well! It will come to me.

Thanks for sharing!


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Glad you all enjoyed seeing these little projects--especially you Karen--of course I painted one for myself too! LOL That was such a cute idea you sent me. ;o)

Belle, I thought the little witch with the grey hair resembled me! You know someone else who looks like that too?????? LOL

Punk, glad to hear you've gotten some much needed sleep. Was so glad to see your little gourd gal, hope you enjoyed getting some time to paint again.


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luvs you did it! your Santa has captured my week. I have had a good rousing laugh and feel better all-over now, Thank you I needed that.

The blocks are really cute. The Monster reminds me of my oldest brother with all that thick hair and those ears. :O) I should send him an email and direct him to the pictures.

He's had a really awful week. His youngest got hit by a car, our Grandmother was put in the hospital in critical condition, there was a bomb scare at his son's school and he re-injured his knee trying to get away, and his wife's car broke down. I am positive your work would lighten his week; especially that picture you painted of him. lol P.S. everyone is on the road to recovery.

Thank you again for the joy you shared.

l. marie

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Glad you all enjoyed my little variety of painted items. Can you tell that I'm mostly drawn to cute stuff that makes me smile???? Life's too short to be serious all the time, so I just try to have some fun with my painting projects.

BB, I'm so sorry to hear your DB has had such a bad week, hope my little painted monster does make him smile. Just remind him that YOU said it looked like him, not me! LOL


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I Told DM about your projects and she said you owe her modeling fees for the Santa pose. lol . of course she had to see it.

She don't think that monster looks like her "...very hansom son..." , but I'm the sister and I know better.

I wouldn't have to remind him that I'm the one that said that, He'll recognize it. :) Brothers are so grand and I have two to tease.


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