Dressed and ready for the show

gail1055September 11, 2007

I put some mums in the baskets of my planter chairs. Now they're all ready for the craft show this weekend. So far the weather looks good too. Cool...in the low 60's but no rain I hope :).

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Gail, your "ladies" just look gorgeous. I sooo love the pinecone one. You are so creative to think to do that--just the perfect thing for that chair. The flowers really look so pretty and cheerful in the chairs. Great job, and best wishes for the sale. Luvs

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Those are great,good luck with the sale.Hope you make a Million.

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Gail, they look wonderful. I know you will be glad when this is all over and you can paint for the fun of it again with no stress or hurry. ha I like the way you did the pinecone chair too. I think it will help that you have such a variety. Good luck this weekend!! :) ~Anj

Hi Kathi!!

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Just wonderful work. You did such a great job on these, how did the show go for you?

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Wish I could go Gail. Love those chairs. Good luck. Let us know the outcome.

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Thanks everyone. I'm going to the park this afternoon to help paint the lines for all the booths. It might rain overnight though. I hope not or it will be a mess in the morning. Then tomorrow I have to be there at 5:30 am. Even my hubby is going to help out by trying to hurry up the crafters as they unload their stuff. It's going to be a cold day...high in upper 50's, burrrrr. I'll have to dress in layers. Not much warmer on Saturday. But this is a big event so I expect a crowd. I'll be sure to let you know how it went. Gail

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Good Luck!!! Stay warm! And let us know how everything goes!


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