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eriepatchSeptember 14, 2011

We just downsized from a 3500 sq ft house to one that is 1870 sq ft.

Liking the new place very much but I'm having a hard time with my computer situation.

My computer desk is now in the master bedroom and that is working out okay but I am having a hard time with the chair.

Besides being big and bulky it's not exactly pretty so my question is.....does anyone have a chair they use at a computer desk that is smaller AND comfortable?

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I have one like this. I wouldn't say it's pretty, but it's not an eyesore, and it's small. I'd like to find an antique chair on casters, but when I find one, it's always too big. And this one is comfy.

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Thanks Marti

I went to Office Maxx this morning and looked at one similiar
to that and it was on sale.
I like having arms but the one's without arms at least will push up under the desk to get them out of the way.
Yes the antique wooden one's are usually pretty good sized.

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maybe you could find more of a straight back chair with padding on back and seat and put a slipcover over it?

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That would indeed probably look better but don't think it
would be very comfortable. I spend a good deal of time at
the computer.

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I have a computer chair which is the "executive" style. It has a high back, and arms, and it rocks and swivels and goes up/down.

It is very comfortable, but like you say, eriepatch, the problem is pushing it under the desk out of the way. I think you might be able to find such a chair with shorter arms, which might get it closer to the desk. Or else, lower it each time you need it stowed, so it would then be tucked out of the way. It would also help if you had a slip cover for it, to personalize it for your bedroom. That would go far to bringing it into the decor of the space.

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I worked for years in an office on a computer chair just like marti posted a pic of. Only my boss was stingy and it was an even cheaper version of that one. It's called a "task chair" I think. I hated it, no arms and so uncomfortable. As retirement neared, they began to cater to me (finally!) and one morning brought me a chair in more of an "executive" style. Too late, I left anyway. ha.

That is a valid point though about the arms not fitting under the desk. But if you spend alot of time at the computer you may be able to put up with that plus a little bulk.

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Yes, I've been seriously looking and it would seem that smaller and comfortable don't go together at all haha
I have noticed that there are a few with shorter arms.
Maybe I'm not the only one looking for that!
Thanks everyone for your replies.

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I just did my usual Saturday CL checklist, and found this. How comfortable do you think it would be with cushions?

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Not bad Marti!
haven't seen one with that type of back and it looks to be
in great shape. Worth checking out I think.

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