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emagineerSeptember 30, 2008

Here is a link to the Kitchen Forum gallery. Many pics which include smaller kitchens. Just move through the big ones (and expensive). There are many fitting our life style. Lots of ideas, hope this is a start in energizing us to post our own photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen gallery photos

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Great pictures emagineer. Thanks for the link and thanks to Oceanna for putting all of them together.


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Oceana is great. She posts pics of many small spaces and have used more than a few for my own personal rooms. I know the decorator's forum can be a bit overwhelming compared to our options. But the group there have always been great about suggestions and help. I'm not the brave person to ask for help, so my time is spent there making sure I haven't missed anything.

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Those are great pictures. I wish I had such great resources when we remodeled our kitchen 13 years ago. I know I could have avoided some of the mistakes we made.

I like the decorator's forum for the big variety of ideas even though they won't all work for me. But it is nice to come here where people understand the space issues.

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