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cjm70142September 19, 2007

Hi again everyone, I have been peeking at your work all of you are very good and I enjoyed looking at your Work.

Like I said I have been painting for years, used to paint on Pottery, worked for them for 16 years, Not near as much fun as painting on wood and other items. Now I have gotten back into heavy and trying to make some money. I visit TSand try to pick up wood but if I can I have bought a saw and am going to attempt to cut my own. It has taken me a long to time to just sit down and let everything go and not feel guilty because I enjoy so much to sit and paint for hours.

I have developed my style and learned techniqe over the years and Thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to do this. I have tried a lot of other things but keep coming back to painting.

well enough for today, looking forward to visiting with all of you over the days and months. bye for now. CArolyn

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Hi Carolyn, Glad you have been enjoying all the pics on here. Hope you've found the gallery section and the discussion section too. Lots more to read and see on both of those areas.

I enjoy painting, but think if I had to make allot of the same thing, I would quickly get bored. I sometimes will do things in threes, so I have one for me and a couple to use as gifts.

It is great that you can now do what you love. I'm sure you will soon establish a routine so that the major things get done around the house and the rest of the time is guilt free painting time. LOL

Have you cut your own wood before? Anjabee on here has a new saw and is going to be learning to cut wood too. I started cutting my own back when I first started painting, thought the already cut out pieces were just too expensive. I love working with the wood, even love the smell of it.

Yes, I like to search for TS/YS finds that I can use to paint on too. I've found a few nice pieces like birdhouses and plaques. Anjabee has really good luck finding things to paint also.

If I can be of any help in anyway, please just ask. I wish you the best of luck with selling your projects.

We will look forward to pics of your projects.


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Well, there aren't that many of us here so it gets a little slow at times, but things usually pick up around the holidays when we are all in a rush to get projects completed.
Sounds like you've done a lot of painting, but maybe not for fun. Now's your chance. ha I only paint for fun and relaxation. I have 4 kids and that's my getaway when I have the time. Sure hope you'll like it here with us. We'll sure enjoy having you.
As you'll find out, I'm a TS junkie and always looking for something to paint on. Luckily my TS's usually have a good selection of wood cutouts for really cheapo so I've only used my saw a few times. I'm still learning about what wood I need to buy and all that, but I'll get it. You will too.
Do you have a favorite artist or do you do your own patterns? Look forward to seeing your pics. Hope the instructions were helpful. ~Anj

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LOL, count me in as a TS junkie too!!!
DH got me a saw about 7 years ago, so I do cut a lot of stuff out. I used to sew a lot, but I've found that my hand-painted items sell better.
Have fun---there's a great group of people here!

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