Shades of Idaho message to you...

emagineerSeptember 12, 2010

Chris is having a problem posting. If someone is hoping for a response, hang in there. She will get on as soon as the problem is resolved.

Actually I was going to mention the problem too, but thought it was just me until she wrote.

Posting a message hangs the computer. I have given up on a number of writings due to this. It seems to happen every 2 or 3 days. Isn't a problem with other forums, just SH.

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Something is definitely messed up on this site. The board looks like this to me and has since yesterday.

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Hi Marti,

the funny thing is sometimes the posts will go through for me and most times not. On the other GW boards I can get in. but this one will give ma a post or two and then just hang.

Your problem looks like a formatting problem on their end. That certainly does look odd.

Must dash now/ Too many chores to catch up on.


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it's been happening to me also. might be what happened to my missing post the other night.

sometime last wk it happened on several here, so i gave up! I'd typed out a few responses and they didn't 'go' anywhere.

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hmmmm, do you reckon that is why it takes forever for something to load?

Thinking it was me, I defragged my laptop, uninstalled a lot of old software, and cleaned up the harddrive. Of course, my new DVD drive now works, and the techie who came over took off a few things from my startup. I never used them anyway.

Hope your problem gets fixed. I'm tired of things hanging on me too.

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So far so good for me tonight so doing posts as fast as I can to catch up. Maybe GW fixed things. How is it looking for you Marti? I have had this happen to me before over the years at GW.


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I don't know what is happening on here, but I have the same arrangement for those posts as shown above. However, they all open.

It has to be a glitch in the GWeb program or server. It hiccuped and I suppose it is back on track?

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Well it still seems to be working for me. Last night I was too tired to come play and still had to work until after midnight getting hearing notice to the paper and minutes done up. Never a dull moment for the city and I have to go into work again today. Trying to catch up while drinking coffee then back to work.


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