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wantoretire_didSeptember 13, 2010

Ronbre, did you ever get a freezer? We are moving into a 28x60 DW this week (god willing the lawyers get their act together). We have a 4 ft.+ upright freezer and the only place we can mentally place it is in the laundry room with stackable W/D and removal of cabinets. Did you, or anyone else here, find an alternative place for the freezer? It won't fit in the kitchen without blocking a window and sticking out into the breakfast area. Rest of the house is carpeted, but there could be room in the gigantic second bedroom which will be used for crafts, office, etc. No basement.

PS - I still have your living room in my dream file and am using it for furniture and lamp placement ideas. Just bought a couch and chair and a huge ent. center for the big blank wall.

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Hey, Wanttoretire!!!
It sounds like you have things going on at your place now. Wonderful.

It sounds to me like the least amount of distress will be the option of placing it in the laundry room. I'd save the cabs which come down, so that this huge freezer which will one day go KAPUT won't require building your home around it. The laundry seems to offer the option which is less intrusive on your daily life.

Just my opinion, of course.

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