1st and last switch plate....

brokenbitmosaicsMarch 20, 2014

I think if I had started with a 2 flipper, it would not have been such a pain. Anyway, we very seldom use these and I figured I do something different for it. I've been doing the fabric covered light plates in the rest of the house.

All the screws are not in cause I just put it on the wall good enough to get a pic.

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ignore the mess, still putting the house back together

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That is cool! I especially like the beads hanging on one side.

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I think it's cool! Why was it such a pain?

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All the openings and trying to keep grout out of the screw holes. 10 of them. I did cut straws and put them in the holes, but the kept jumping out.

And had to remember not to grout too close to the bottom of where the flipper went cause it would not go all the way down.

I think if I had used all flat glass (where is the fun in that), then it would not have been as big a pain to grout (which is my least favorite thing to do)

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WOW - that's quite a switchplate - you did a great job. B/f I got all the plates in my house covered I was sick of doing them too. They DO look a lot better than they did b/f. When my daughter requested one for her house, I just sorta let that request slide - couldn't face another one.

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Love it.... especially the dangling beads. The colors are very pretty. Amazing job for all the challenges you had.

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I think it looks great. I can imagine that it was very difficult.

Ive always wanted to mosaic some but just could't figure out how to do it so the switch would still work.

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I only have one mosaiced lightswitch cover and it was given to me by StGypsy...BOY do I get a lot of compliments on it! That and the mosaic frypan that Squirrelly made me...all my art and the two most talked about art pcs in my house are from those two!!! ;-)
I LOVE yours! The danglies really get me! I have been to Slowmedowns home and seen the extent of mosaics in her home....AMAZING! She held a dinner party in my honor and I had to comment..." You mean not all Texan's homes look like this!?" One of a Kind...that Girlie! ;-) Life is too short not to decorate our home the way we want it! I too am gearing up to GOG my front door and entryway patio...and hopefully the foyer too....

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Wow, thats beautiful!! I am new to the forums here and this is the section I found first and then registered. I am guessing there is a proper place to introduce myself and hopefully I will find it soon.
I just started playing with glass and ceramic a few months ago and the first thing I tried to do is the lightswitch plates. Some have turned out ok but some I am having a problem with the glue not holding glass or ceramic tiles on. I am using weldbond glue, plastic plates and stained glass. When I sponge the plates off after grouting, sometimes a piece of glass will come off. Can you advise me on to what I may try to make them stick? Do I need to sand the plates first or maybe try a different glue? Thanks in advance to any response. I am sorry I should have started my own thread, didnt mean to take over this with writing a book.

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I used weldbond glue too. Have had the same thing happened on other things. But, I just glued it back and put some more grout on it.

Only usually happens on the edge of a project. This is the only light switch I've done. When a piece comes loose, it's because I did not apply enough glue to begin with.

Cause after grouting and it sets, the grout is like concrete.

Nice to meet ya.

If you need a better answer, copy your question to a new thread. There are a lot of helpful folks on this forum.

p.s., more pictures of my mosaics are on my blog


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Very cool project! So much creativity on this forum!

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