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emagineerSeptember 29, 2008

Thanks to Flowerlady for getting us going again. And a welcome to so many new posters. It is great reading the recent posts and discussions.

I would love to start seeing photos of what we have done in our small living environment. Give me a week and I'll put up some pics of my humble abode as well. Also, will pull a few from other resources.

What types of pics are of interest? I live in an area that has beautiful small homes of many sizes. Can take photos of the exteriors. A good excuse for some walks.

Kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, baths? Where to start? Or do I just start? Is there a style most interested in? Is someone working on a room, porch, etc. and need ideas?

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Great idea! I am struggling to make my exterior look better so all the pics you show will be appreciated. Maybe you'll find some where someone found a way to deal with the garage that sticks out like a sore thumb and give me some ideas.

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emagineer ~ I just did a little online searching to find some interesting topics for this forum and I'm glad I got some thought provoking juices flowing in all of us. We all need little nudges to keep us going, to give us more ideas to work with our unique homes.

I look forward to seeing pictures from other small home owners, inside and out.


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I was going to start with Oceana's pics. But after downloading them to create a gallery for us, got to thinking that linking for now may be a better option. Primarily to keep from duplication and overloading photos. Many of her photos are country style, but show good use of smaller spaces, color, furniture, etc. She was great to agree to copy them though.

Having spent a lot of time on the decorating forum I know where a good amount of the smaller ideas are. Linking would save some time for those who haven't spent time there and have to go through the tons of pics. I would like to use some of the member's photos, but it would take me forever to write and get their approval.

Hopefully posters here can ask for style options. For now I see either interior country or minimal design. And, the other task is size. Looking at Oceana's pics I can easily disregard the "large" and identify small. My mind isn't wrapping around larger than 1500 sq. ft. Probably because of my own environment.

Taking photos around the neighborhood means every design possible, so this is an easy mix to offer. The area is made up of custom built homes from the 20s to 70s. After the 70s they are huge mansions which took over any available land.

So until I can get out next week to shoot photos, will post a few links to get us going. Maybe seeing what is available will prompt ideas of interest.

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Well, if anyone cares, I have a blog where you can see my little house.

This blog is primarily for my friends and family. Just goings on in the life of DD and I. However, you can sort through the tags and miss all the junk you don't care about. Good tags for my house pics are "house" and "decorating". Nothing really spectacular about my house, but you're welcome to look.

I think many times I'd like to post pics of my house here, but I don't really have a topic other than...'hey, look at my house'.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gayle's Blog

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"Hey everybody- there's Gayle's house!" Nice blog, and a cute house. Some day I need to figure out how to have a blog- probably when we break ground in SC. I'll have to get #1 son to do it- I'm not too computery.


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Thanks Jay! I'm not computery is pretty easy once you get started. Hardest part is deciding which...I don't even know the word..."?blog provider?" you want to use.

I think emagineer's post here made me realize that this forum is kind of a tough spot when it comes to posting pics. There have been many times I've thought of posting a pic/question on this forum, and decided it was really better-placed in the "Decorating" or "Organizing The Home" or wherever forums.

Anyway, I think I am going to go ahead and post more often here even if the topic might be better elsewhere. I like the small home group and would like to hear more thoughts & opinions from those who may have similar spacial limits.

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I overlooked your post. Reading it reminded me of a friend in SC who commented about a house I was living in at the time. He couldn't wrap his mind around the design of houses with front garages that took over half of the house. A trend in designing for landuse.

I'll look for garage ideas when taking photos. The majority of homes nearby are older and most garages were added without attaching to the house.

One of the ideas for garages I do like is the carriage look, adding antique hardware. And the pergolas which span across. These seem to soften the garage. The other is adding to the front of house, enlarging the porch area or landscaping to draw the eye away. And the ole' paint the door the same color as the house theme.

Yes, the Decorating forum is a good place to post. I really enjoy their input and they are a friendly group. Have found many ideas for my home in the forum. There are actually quite a number of small home owners posting. I've never read anything on the forum that descriminated by size. What I do have to sift through is ideas which are out of range cost wise and some of the major remodeling tasks. But a worthy forum. I would like this forum to be as informative, perhaps we have a good start.

For those of us having a hard time posting photos. Just a chuckle from "Retake those photos".

Here is a link that might be useful: Repost those photos please

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Thanks emagineer. Our garage was a side opening one and we enclosed it, so I guess I should have said our house has an appendage sticking out in front.

I have tried to use plantings and paint to bring forward the main part, but that really only works at a certain angle.

Loved the link to the bad photos.

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