We all had to start somewhere.

cjm70142September 22, 2007

Remember I started painting over 20years ago, I did take classes for several years and mainly thats where I learned to paint. I have my own techniqes that I am sure the pros would not approve but if it looks goods to me and it passes my eye then I go with it . I mainly use books for patterns and then I usually go with colors that I like.

Remember if you do not enjoy it and it becomes like work then it is no longer any fun to do it.

Painting is one of those things that can make time go by and troubles put aside for the time you are doing them

I too like xmas and I have hundreds of books and I have a lot of the old authors and so far I have not found some of the new ones as good as the old authors but the painting now a days is more decorative thatin the past.

the old country look I guess is gone. I am practicing with my new camera and I will start sending when I think I am ready.

Well am going to sisters 60th anniversary party so must get ready. enjoy being here with you girls and will talk again later. carolyn

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I'm a self taught painter which is pretty apparent, but hope to take some classes when my kids are all in school. My youngest is 3 so only have to wait a few more years. ha I've got a pretty good collection of books growing at my house too. I want to paint them all!! ha It's just fun to paint.

My parents have a 40th anniversary coming up in Nov and being the only daughter guess who gets to plan that?? Yep. Hope you had a good time at sis's 60th. :) ~Anj

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I'm self taught too. Never had time to take classes, so I just go with what I like.We could pick a major in high school and mine was art. I spent every minute I could in the art room. My parents wanted me to go to art school, but I said no I had enough of school. (I was 17 and stupid, what can i say).
But I love painting!!!

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