Buying a mural vs hiring someone to paint it?

rosieoSeptember 7, 2011

I want to paint something like these in my son's room

spaces design

spaces design

Unfortunately I have zip for talent and no spare time either. I'm wondering if maybe I could get a high school art student to come out and paint something. Has anyone here ever hired someone to paint a mural? I don't have any idea how much something like that would cost or how to go about that.

Or would I be better off to just buy a mural? I'd love this one but I'd like it so much better if it wrapped around the other walls and ceiling, rather than just having one wall.

I'd love to hear any opinions. TIA

Here is a link that might be useful: really cute farm mural

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Rosieo...great questions and glad that you stopped by.

What a fun room for a child! If you are considering something close to the pictures, it will indeed take time. The second picture is even more difficult because you are painting over your head, even if it is less detailed. I have painted both of my childrens b'room and it took at least a weeks, but then it was in my spare time.

Having a student paint the scene might be less expensive than an adult, payment would be for the project not by the hour. Talking to them should give you an idea of whether they are knowledgeable or not.

Bottom line....I haven't got a clue and I have painted murals and borders in several stores in our area. What I did to figure out the time was to measure the area to be painted and then reduced it down to a smaller size, ex: 3" equal 1' and painted it out keeping tack of my time. This give you a starting paint. You also have to consider the time it will take to sketch out the pattern on paper and then convert it to the walls.

Some of the paints used in the pictures can be mixed, but the painter/artist really need to know how to mix colors. You can't just mix say red and white to get a lighter shade of red, you get pink. One nice thing is now you can buy small amount rather than a quart or gallon.

I don't know if I have helped you at all, hope so! One of my fondest memories is of the kids walked into their room for the first time. It was worth every ache and pain!


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I have done a whole room simular to that . Its easiest if you go threw a bunch of kids books or coloring books and get pictures of what you want. There are machines that used to be advertised on tv that will more or less trace a drawing on the wall but its been so many years since I have seen one that I don,t now if they are still made or what the name was . Maybe some one here can chip in with the name. It was one of those info. mercial type things that are sold on tv. As for paint I used folk art paint on the walls and dressers and it works great and is very durable and washable and it comes in just about everycolor you can imagine.

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Madeyna they are called over head projectors. Our library has them to use, but you can usually find them to rent as well.

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