Okay...bear bench is done...finally

gail1055September 3, 2007

It took a while to do because my kitty found out that it was a neat thing to play on. Well her fun came to an end as I finished it this past week. I'm still not sure what price to ask. Let me know how you like it. A landscape artist I'm not. Gail

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Well, I'd say a landscape artist you are!! It looks fantastic! Love all the details like the fishing poles in the boat and the ax in the stump. The fish and geese and the bears by the cabin look realistic. The cabin itself is great. Love all the colors you used. The piney accents are perfect on the back. It's a great piece and wow, I think it will sell fast just like all your other pieces. Ya done good! Kitty will just have to find a new perch. ha :) ~Anj

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OMG! Gail, your painting is wonderful. No way could I even come close to doing something like that! You definitely CAN paint landscapes! Like Anj said, the trees, fishing poles, bears, just all of it is so good. If I painted something like that, I don't think I could part with it! You really have a knack for finding the perfect patterns for your pieces too. Everything is gonna sell like hotcakes! Luvs

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I left the pics up on my computer after looking at them yesterday and DH looked thru them. He thought it was terrific too. :) ~Anj

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Thanks Anj and Luvs. I see artist at craft shows and I just wish I could paint as good as they do. I guess I'm good enough. I get anywhere from $75 to $90 for some of my chairs. I'd like to price the bench at $100. We'll see. My hubby and I set up my tent today to see if everything will fit and I think it's gonna work out fine. We are putting a strip of lattace at each front corner for the hanging things. I have a few fan blades so far and a couple signs. Not sure how much more I can get done. I'm running out of time. Gail

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That is absolutely wonderful!!! Where is your show?

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I saw a couple of regular old eyeglass cases painted with bears on eBay. They were going for around the $50 range. Just thought I'd mention it since you paint bears (and everything else) so well.

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Hi Gracie, My show is in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It's a tourist town north of Madison the capital. It's called Wo Zha Wa Days (which is indian for lets have fun). It's usually a 2 day event but this year it's been expanded to 3 days. It starts Sept. 14 and I'm hoping for good weather. The whole town has a big celebration with sidewalk sales, food tents, a parade and a run. There's an antique flea market and the craft show. The crafts is sponsored by the local art association which I have been a member of for 2 yrs. It's a juried show and there is no buy and sell allowed. It's a very big event as we get people from all over the state and surounding states. Last year was my first year and I think I sold 5 chairs. I'd like to do a little better this year. Besides my chairs I'm trying to get some signs and fan blades painted. I just painted a couple of canes too. It should be interesting. My whole summer has been building up to this. I think I'll be glad when it's over. Thanks for asking. Gail

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Gail, We won't be glad when it's over. We have enjoyed the pics of your chairs as you have been finishing them. Gonna miss that.

Of course, maybe you will start right in getting ready for next year, or maybe you will be doing some painting for the holidays. Whatever you do, please keep coming by to chat with us.

Not even going to wish you luck on your show. Yours stuff is so neat it will sell itself. I just know you will have lots of people admiring your work--and I hope they will pull out their wallets and buy too!


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Hi Gail,

I definitely know where Wis. Dells are. Took my kids there when they were young and just love it there. It's about a 5 hour drive for me, as I'm SW of Chicago. I didn't know about that event -- wish I could go, but I have a wedding on the 15th. Let me know ahead of time if you do it next year, and the date. Good luck to you.

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One week to go and I'm still not ready. I still have a couple more signs I'm going to try to paint. Once the show is over I can relax, but I will still come to this forum. I have enjoyed posting here and reading what everyone else is doing. Come October we leave for Florida, our winter home. I bring my computer with and all my paints so you wont be getting rid of me :) Gail

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I wonder if we bump this up if Gail will sign in from Florida and let us know how that show went...I can't imagine she took many of those beautiful painted pieces back home with her...
Hey Gail, are you out there somewhere???
Suzan J

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Anj, thanks for bumping this!

That bear bench is just the cutest thing! It looks like there was a LOT of work in it. I hope Gail got a good price for all her hard work.

Gail, your painting skills are just amazing. How did you learn? How long have you been doing it? I'm also impressed with the fabulous design ideas you come up with. Have you got any tips on how you do that?

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That is awesome. I paint but not as well as you do. donna

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