Santa Needs HELP!

pezabelleSeptember 21, 2009

Hi All....I have a very special friend that thinks I can fix anything. She finds these "things" at GS's and asks me to fix them and then she donates them to charity't say no, I can't fix this.

This time I am really as they say "Up the Creek!" The face isn't to bad but the beard was painted with something that is still tacky feeling so I will remove the head and replace it using much the same face.

My BIG problem is what to do with the rest of Santa. He is sooooo minimal and I don't do minimal. He is plain green and then it looks like he was sprayed with glitter. He is about 5' tall. The sign plaque he is holding says something about saving a tree, so it will go. Looks like someone added it in hopes of making him look better. I had kind of thought about cutting out mittens with cuffs and attaching them and have him hold something......? He has a twine bird nest on the top of his hat which will also have to go...pretty ratty!

To me he is a big blank green thing with a not to bad of a face.

So bottom line....what would you suggest I do to make him something you would like to lay our some bucks for?

Thanks for Helping!!!


PS..the body is one piece of wood with the face and arms added. The light spots on his body are only glitter.

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I have to tell you he looks kinda cute like he is. I think I would base in the beard with a grey and then come back over it with the white or light buttermilk. For the suit, you could add buttons or fur around the cuffs and down the front of the Santa, or paint it a plaid look.

The tacky feel to the beard may be the varnish or glitter glue they used. You could try a bit of hand sanitizer and wash the beard, or alcohol. Sometimes that will cut the tackiness.
I wasn't sure what that was on top of his head but he looks a little different with a cone head. Removing the sign and the birds nest will make a huge improvement.
Can't wait to see what you do with him.

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Wow thats a tough one. You could make a string of painted Christmas lights and wrap him up in them? Hmmmm

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I agree, he is kinda cute. I'm sure you will fix him right up, Belle.
The hat seems too big to me, would there be a way to trim it down a bit? I think the sign and nest were just added to make him "green" friendly, don't you? I much prefer a red or burgandy, but that's just my personal preference. LOL
I agree with PF, some buttons down the front and some fur on his cuffs--and maybe a little bit of mouth/lip showing under his beard.
And if you still think he needs "more", maybe cut out a bag shape to sit in front of him with two "cords" going to each hand.
Love your pretty Fall wall hanging and that nice big crock too. ;o)


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Thank you all for the suggestions. They have planted seeds...

I am trying to match the green so that I can cut down the size of the hat, definitely to tall.

DH suggested using poster board to try out different ideas, so I am going to cut out and paint a mitten with a cuff and one without to see which one I like best. And I think if I use the cuff I will cut a cuff for the base, keeping them simple.

The head has to go but I have taken close ups of the face so I can duplicate it. I tried your suggestions PF about the sanitizer, but you can actually move the paint with your finger tips and the hat band is scuffed by use. Sometimes it is just better to replace rather than trying to fix.

I also had the idea of using a half wreath with just a small amount of something dried and placing a red cardinal on it. It would be attached to the hands. Good idea? Bad idea?

Guess I really need to stop thinking and just "get 'er done," but please keep the suggestions coming.


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It sound like you have it all under control. I like the idea of the wreath. I live in Florida so I don't know anything about mittens - we don't normally need them so it would never occur to me to put that on my Santa. But it sounds cute and if you did it I know it will look great.

I also like the string of lights, or you could do a garland with lights running from one hand to the other.

The DH had a great idea about the poster board.

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