Because you guys are so inspiring....

alisandeSeptember 6, 2007

I ordered these books today:

Painting Your Flea Market Finds

How to Design Your Own Painting Projects

Decorative Furniture With Donna Dewberry (Do you like her, by the way?)

I was determined to conserve money this week  it's all your fault! Well, at least I bought them "nearly new" on, Amazon, and eBay....


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Hi Susan, Oooh! I love painting books. That Painting Your Flea Market Finds sound like a fun one. I like to do that when I find a good find to fix up. Even if I read a book, I doubt that I could ever design my own project--just no talent in that area. I am one of those painters who really like Donna Dewberry. I absolutely love to watch her paint on televison or on a video. She does it so effortlessly. My SIL and Neice just gave me Donna Dewberry's All New book of One Stroke Painting. And I have several of her other books and videos too. She just makes it seem like anyone can do it by just practicing a few easy strokes. Doubt if I would have learned to paint a rose (which I love) if I hadn't learned her method to do it. All the others just made it seem to complicated for me. Glad you were able to get a good deal on them, and I know you will enjoy them. Luvs

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Okay, now I have a specific person to blame! :-)

Luvs, after reading your comments about Donna Dewberry I bought a used copy of her Complete Book of One-Stroke Painting on eBay last night. I'll be home alone this winter, and I'm looking forward to those roses. Thanks!


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Oh Nooooo! Either you will become addicted to One Stroke now, or you will blame me for wasting your money! LOL

D. Dewberry suggests that you put a clear sheet,like a page protector, over her work sheets in the books. Then you can load your brush and practice doing the strokes, wipe it off and practice again.

I used the worksheets and some $5.00 videos I found at Joann's and on PBS. When I was having a problem with something, I would fast forward to that part on the video and watch how she held her brush and how she leaned it just so to get the stroke.

Of course, some people just catch onto those things much faster than I do, or they already have learned to do stroke work, so can adapt that to D's strokes easily.

The thing I love is having two or three colors on the brush at once and getting that nice blended effect easily. I need to break my books and videos out again and practice making some flowers other than roses! I just love roses, so it's hard to get me interested in other flowers! LOL

Sure hope you enjoy it too.


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Susan~ good luck with the books and we look forward to seeing your progress on the one-stroke. I've only made one attempt so far. Let's just say I need lots more practice!! ha Need to make time to work on it. I bet you'll pick it up quickly. :) ~Anj

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