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retiree43September 26, 2008

I have a conch shell I brought back from the beach many years ago. It has been adorning my porch ever since. The years have bleached most of the color from the shell. I want to do something to make it attractive once again. I was thinking along the lines of painting it with a very soft pale pink and then wiping it off, leaving the paint in the grooves only. Do you think this will work?? If it does work, what should I do to it after that?? I would like it to look as much like its old self as possible (more color at the top, fading to just a faint blush at the

bottom). Thanks in advance.


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Hi Retiree 43, Welcome to the painting forum. If your forum name means you got to retire at age 43, you are one lucky woman! ;o)

Your idea sounds fine to me. I'd think I would thin down the acrylic paint with a little water, brush it on then wipe off with a soft rag. You can add more coats if needed until you get just the shade you want. When finished, a good coat or two of spray sealer will protect it so you can enjoy it for many more years.


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Hi retiree, I am a painter to but this summer my GKs playing in my bird bath, put a shell not a conch but aboloine I think not sure but after leaving in the water till I discovered it it had turn a bright salmon pink, I guess from all the water it absorbed. So if you would like to try that first. I think that the paint should also be thinned, I think it will absorb it. Good Luck

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