Update on shelves, help found & some pics

desertstephSeptember 7, 2012

I replaced 1 of the partial shelves in my closet (the left one). I found a match for the cream one w/the rounded edge in another room. duh.

So, I just switched it out. They were the same length.

And today I put a shelf along 1 side of a 'twin' closet across from this one. Since I don't have a lot (any?) long clothes to hang, the lower half would be wasted. I put a shelf about 18" up from the floor to stack sweats on this winter. I can put bins under the shelf or shoes. I doubt I have that many shoes anymore that I can wear.

AND I found someone to come do some things for me. A young man in his 20's. He's done work for my sister for yrs. He came by last weekend to see what I had. Gee, he even found things I didn't have on my list that need done. Well, I didn't wanna scare him away with too much to do! He didn't seem concerned about any of my 'chores' to be done. Except maybe replacing a window. I wouldn't expect him to do that by himself tho. I think he's coming back Saturday to start on the list.

And while looking for things on Amazon I found a couple of pics that look like things posters here have asked about in the past, so I thought I'd post 'em. We love pics anyway!

a shelving system for a closet by john louis home closets. Not very expensive either -

and 2 of those flip up/down tables/counters - I think down the road I could use the 2nd one in my laundry room. Would probably ask this guy if he could make me one.

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OH Love the folding table on the wall.

I happened to find wire shelves to add a shelf to my base cabinets. Called Mainstays Folding Stacking shelf. I hooked two of them together long way , not end to end, and set it all on the top shelf of the base. I put our lap trays on the top and then have a place for some thing underneath. Loving them. They were about $6 each. Kind of spendy but for the long term worth every cent. And I can always use them some where else if I change my mind on how I want to do this cabinet.

I started buying these wire racks years ago and the first ones I bought I am still using. I needed a big wide shelf is why I hooked them together long way and not stacked them.

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shades - I opened a cabinet in the old place last wk - and wow! I have several more of those wire racks in there. I have a lot of them. didn't realize I used that many of them over there.
I'm cleaning them up to reuse here.

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I think what I like so well about them is you can change things around as needed. Glad you found a stash of them in your cabinets.


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desert-Glad things are working out for you. The closet looks good ! Happy that you found someone that you trust to do the work for you also.

I am currently looking for a narrow fold down shelf to put my phone/pen & pad on.The phone and answering machine--remember those ?(no phone/cable TV/Internet package for me !) is now on the kitchen counter with cords draped over the refrigerator. The jack is now mounted on the wall but I'm moving it so I can carry it near the sofa(phone always falls off the wall). Did I mention the phone is rotary ? :) I keep a touch tone for when I use a phone card....

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I come over here occasionally and glad I did today! I clicked on this thread and this is something I could use also. I like to fold my clothes in the laundry room, but the dryer top can fill up quickly. Anyway rather than pay someone a hundred bucks to build one, I went on a hunt and look what I found.

Desertsteph, just get one of these and have him install it for you. You can use that hundred bucks for something fun! ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: Drop down table

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ERF - thx on the closet! hopefully it'll look even better when I get dressers and cabinets in here to put my clothes and linens in. So far I only have those shelves!

oh boy, this guy is great! and rather cheap - thankfully! he's a young guy in early 20's. hard worker. raised in good home helping his dad build their house. has 4 yr old and one on the way so extra money is always needed.

He booked on thru about half my list in 5 hrs yesterday. took away the stove and dw that were in here and put my 'new' ones in place. couldn't hook up the dw yet - needs some plumbing done. fixed 2 security doors, got the bird's nest out of my bathroom window, caulked the patio door. He even nicely cleaned up where the stove and dw were - and they were bad. I'll be able to clean better when they're pulled back out to replace the floor and do plumbing, but the worst of it is done.
he moved the fridge in here out to the LR so I can clean that up before my fridge comes over. He measured all of the doorways in advance to check clearances - wow. he also brought my mw over here for me and set the clock on my stove. I think he even set the clock on the mw - cause I know I didn't.

got the tubes out from under bathroom sink and kit sink so I can take to lowe's to get replacements. and more that he'll need.

so last night I updated the list. crossed off things done and added more things - lol! he's such a good, hard worker. after some of the older 'professional' guys I had here to do stuff and did bad work, I'm so thrilled.

today he's working at my sister's house. hers is outdoor work helping her dh move rocks. I'm gonna have him dig some holes around here for me to plant some trees in a few wks. we've had rain this wk so the ground is softer than usual. He'll think it's a breeze here because my land isn't rocky like my sister's. Her land is like solid rock - they had to blast to build.

I'll put that ikea flip table on my list. won't get to that til next yr tho. i would like to get to our ikea store as they have mirrors i'd like for my bathrooms @ 15.00 each. what a deal. I need to ask this guy if he'll take down the mirrors in the bathrooms now 'cause I hate them.

I'll probably have him help put down some of this flooring too. He has a friend (out of work) and thinks he will come help him move my stuff over here. I need the flooring down before the major stuff comes over.

I let him take the 'spare' appliances (in very bad condition) to recycle for the metal. I also have a dead small oven and mw he'll take.

dang, stuff's getting done and 'trash' is disappearing. yea!

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So happy to hear this Steph!! He sounds like a great find. It really is nice when you find some one that can think when doing a list. Instead of having to write down each step for them.

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One thing I wanted from IKEA was their ironing board in a drawer. You pull out the drawer and swing out the board. It would be all that I need.

However, I decided to just wait for wrinkled clothes to come back in style. My tiny table top ironing board still sits behind the bedroom door unused and dusty.

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I wish I had a closet that big. I like the 2nd flip up table, where is it from?

I'm with you ML, waiting for wrinkled clothes to come back. I do have one shirt that is some kind of wrinkly fabric and I can't tell when it needs ironing so I wear it all the time.

Did you know that when you iron the front and don't iron the back, that people don't notice anything wrong with you except the wrinkles. The more weight I gain, the more I like that.

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ML - I often think I want a small drop down ironing board (I still have a big one - that I haven't used in 20 yrs or so) then I remember - I don't iron! I keep the other in case I ever need it for something i'm sewing. but I haven't sewed in over 20 yrs either. I've done a few hems by hand recently - but it's so tacky - I just fold and baste. lol!

marti - those are both on Amazon. and I do love my closet! I have 2 of those. one on either side of the short hall into my bathroom. the other one will be for my clothes. I'll have the upper shelf in there to store other things. And will have this guy put a shelf above that one. There's lots of empty space up there.

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