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sweets98September 20, 2007

I'm making this sign for DH as sort of a joke. He started to build a newer, safer tree stand that's large enough for more than just him (DS goes along with him sometimes). Well, he got to work using the supplies he collected and ended up with a 4'X5' base...big enough for all 4 of us! I keep kidding him that he always wanted a club house and never had one or that it's his very own's all he can afford! LOL So, we found the spot last night that he's going to put it. It's so big it's just going on stilts up in the woods!

I came up with this name for the stand and made up a sign today. I think it's missing something and keep looking at it and criticizing every little thing, like the t should be crossed lower. I can't fix it, though because I stained the wood and can't just hide my screw-up with paint!

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Well, I think it looks perfect as it is. The t is crossed at just the right height. I think it would look funny crossed lower. If you just have to add something I guess you could put a tiny silhouette of the thing he's hunting like a deer or a gun or something, but it's really good the way it is IMO. I kind of think that would make it too crowded looking. Great job. Go hang that thing up and get to having fun in your new clubhouse!! ha :) ~Anj

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Sweets, it looks just perfect. Great job! Loved the story too. Luvs

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I made a mistake, I meant higher, not lower.

I realize I was just being silly. I do that with some of my crafts. I wish I didn't, but I did! And I have a hard time taking compliments, too!

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Just smile and say "Thank you!!"
Ya done good. :) ~Anj

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Since you have a hard time taking compliments I won't give you one. But the sign looks wonderful! :-)

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Hey sweets---that SWEET!!!

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You did a beautiful job!, bet hubby loved it!
you always do a great job with your crafts!

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