Anjabee's birthday

luvstocraftSeptember 1, 2007

Just found out that Anj had a birthday on Thursday. Thought some of you might like to chime in with some good wishes for her. Luvs

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Hope you had a Happy B-Day Anj!!!! Do anything special? ;)

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Hope it was a happy one anj!!

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Ok Luvs~ paybacks are heck ya know. ha Yes, I turned "34" once again this year. teehee (I refuse to be older than 34) DH took the day off and took me antiquing and to this place called the Quilted Bear which is a huge place with lots of crafty booths. Got lots of good ideas for Christmas gifts so I'll be going back soon to start on my Christmas stash and fun things that I think I can do myself. I didn't even make it all the way thru the place and I there for over 2 hours so if they are open I'm taking my mom over on Monday again. Dh was hoping I'd find something special at the antique stores so he could get it for my B-day, but alas only saw one red wing crock that caught my eye, but not enough to pay the big price tag that was on it. So I'll probably get my gift at the Quilted Bear on Monday. Only thing is picking just one thing!! ha
He took me out to dinner at a new steak house. Some friends joined us and we had a pretty good time. Then we went to see Rush Hour 3. Very hilarious. My parents took me out on Thursday to Cracker Barrel and then I'll be having my cake and ice cream sometime this weekend so I'm just dragging the whole thing out for a week it seems like. ha
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!! ~Anj (another year older, but probably not much wiser. ha)

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Belated Happy Birthday wishes!! Sounds like you had a good time.

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow, and it was Labor Day the year she was born, too. She really is turning 34. :-)


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Thanks Susan. I had my cake, singing and ice cream last night and DH gave me a dvd set I've been wanting (Sense and Sensibility) so I was very happy. HOpe your DD has a lovely birthday too. :) ~Anj

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What a great gift Anj, I loved that one too. Emma Thompson is so good in it. Of course, I love her acting anyway. That's a gift you can enjoy again and again. Glad you had such a nice birthday. Here's wishing you a wonderful year too. Must be so nice to only be "34". LOL

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It gets nicer every year Luvs!! ha DH made me even younger this year. He put 25 on my cake!! ha So looks like I'm going backward instead of forward. If only the wrinkles and grey hair would go backward too!!! ha

I love the S & S movie and book and Emma Thompson. I watched it every time it came on our cable ON Demand, but now I can watch it whenever I want. The next one I'll ask for is Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow. Maybe that will be one for my Christmas list! I got the old Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth last year. My favorite! :) ~Anj

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Happy Belated b'day Anj,Looks like you had a wonderful day.Wishing you many more years of being 34,but you do know that at one point you have to make it to 39 ,don't you??? LOL

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