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kraftymomSeptember 21, 2008

I don't know what kinds of themes you like to paint but I have at least 1 extra of a book. If you would like to have it I would gladly send it to you. It's "Cobblestone Designs...Memories of Olde Cape Cod" by Charlene Barlow. She does nautical, sort of salt box primitive like John Sliney. In fact they have both collaborated on books. Let me know and I can arrange to send it. :-)

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Thank you for the great offer, I checked out the book and it is really great but I tend to paint more ? I like the holidays especially Halloween and chickens. Some of my favorites are Tuttles Touches, Gaye Shoell and Sue Scheewe among lots of others. I also paint a lot of patroitic things which is the theme of my livingroom along with family antiques. Chickens reign in my kitchen. During this winter I want to branch out and try painting birds - which I love to watch.

Again - Thank You

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Pezabelle, I've been looking at some bird patterns too. Love the cute little birdies. I'm not a "realistic" painter however, just the cutesy, crafty kind. Luvs

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I do paint birds (and other animals), both realistic & whimsical, and have many painting books on the subject. Don't be afraid to try painting them, they aren't as hard as they look. My favorite artists for birds are Nancy Dale Kinney, Sherry C. Nelson, & Carol Forsyth (Carol specializes in baby birds/animals).
If you like chickens, a good series which I have a few books from is 'The Chicken Pot Pie' collection by Sandra McClean.

And Priscilla Hauser does some great chickens too!

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Kraftymom, I love all her chicken and vegetable items! Only wish I could paint half that well. (Big sigh.) ;o(

Thanks for sharing the site, I enjoyed browsing it.


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Pezabelle...I also have patriotic theme in my house, but I have cows in my kitchen instead of chickens.

Kraftymom~ those were some very pretty chickens. Wish I could paint that good.


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