Paint to use on glass/ceramics that will endure grouting

phish_gwMarch 21, 2014

nicethyme's recent pink vase problem reminded me I had the same problem once. I painted my own glass, glued it to my project, and then when I grouted it, the grout process rubbed off some of the glass paint. Then I painted the grout, and even more paint came off the glass. It seemed like such a great idea to paint the exact paint color I wanted onto the glass instead of shopping and trying to come close to what I wanted without success.

Is there any brand of paint that you can use to paint glass and it will withstand the abuse from grouting?

I've also thought about painting ceramic and have the same question about paint that will stay on ceramics and will survive the grouting process.

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I have used pebeo porcelaine which you bake in the oven. But I've only painted the center of a piece or 2 and protected with painters tape when I grout. Don't know if that is necessary, or if I was just being cautious.

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Also you can paint the bottom of clear glass (the side that you glue or thinset). Then the grout won't touch it. I also have decoupaged the bottom of clear glass. Of course decoupage won't hold up in color outdoors.

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The Pebeo paint will hold up against sanded grout.

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I have only done painting on the underside like Kathy mentioned...hey anybody remember when we all did the "our own version of the Van Gogh" glass!?

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