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desertstephSeptember 10, 2010

the last thread had 85 posts so i thought it time to start a new one. link to prev one below.

pinky - looks almost all better today. 1 wk after new stuff on it. a wk ago it had an ugly thick scab on it. that got bumped and came off and a new one formed very lightly. the injury wasn't very noticeable any more. then 2 days ago that scab started to come off on one end so I put stuff on it and a bandaid. today I took the bandaid off and scab was hardly attached. used nail clippers to cut it loose because it is still tender. now you'd have to know it is there and be looking for it to see it. just a slight oval that looks like the edge of some dry skin. I'm sure that it will smooth out in a day or 2. All better in time for me to wash walls (yeah they are very dirty), mop and color my hair!

dbf's son came out late afternoon to replace 2 broken studs on my tires (the wheel or somewhere). He also pulled some old wooden steps I had out back around to the back door of the new place for me! not the best steps and not ones I'll use a lot but fine to go in a time or 2. So, tomorrow I'm planning to go in and check it out. no one out working on it today but dbf says they should be here tomorrow. I was just too tired and sore this evening to go in there.

I'd been walking around picking up sticks, nails, wires etc to go to the trash. The bending really did my back in - I just couldn't wait to get chores done and crash for the night. girl has had me up several times tho for potty walks and dinner.

Here is a link that might be useful: prev thread

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Yuck!! If you wanted to address Pinky (alone) you should have said so in your title.

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I'm fine with the "pinky", that is a sore and long healing process. Especially now with so much you want to get done and the excitement of all. Be sure and wear good gloves and maybe pad those tips. Each step brings you closer to reality.

And glad you started another post. Pinky or not. Does this mean you can't get finger printed on those two?

If you can get a large magnet, tie a strong string to it, all you would have to do is wander around swinging it on the ground. We always did this with the horses pasture and driveways. Very easy to pick up anything that could pose a problem with the dogs, you, etc. They sell these at the hardware store. With all the work still ahead it would be a good $10 investment.

Keep us updated on the "new" interior.

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Your pinkys healing process is part of this story. We all have boo boos, aches and pains, especially when doing projects.

Like emagineer said, where gloves while cleaning, etc.

I'm glad you started a new thread, as that other one was rather long.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

Don't work too hard.


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Steph, glad to hear your 'boo-boo' is healing well. Can't wait to see how things turn out in your new house.

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larke - lol!

emagineer - I can still get fingerprinted. the slice off was on the outer side of 'pinky'.

that is a great idea about using a magnet! will look for one. the guys are leaving nails on the ground all around it. There's also a ton of nails in the walls inside - I'm sure to lose a number of them to the floor when I pull them out.

I went in this morning. yuck. it is so so very, very dirty. everything, everywhere. (double sigh) My first thought was 'what have I gotten myself into now?'! (it'll get better)

I shouldn't have worn my glasses in there...I could see too much!

when all of the old carpet, padding, other junk is out of it and it's vacuumed 10 times or so it won't look so bad. oh, all of the slatted window blinds will go to the trash.

then after everything else is washed down 10 or 20 times it'll look even better!

I'm not ready to really start cleaning in there - the guys still have work to do anyway BUT after they leave tonight (if it's still light out) I'm going to go in and sweep (broom) up a bunch of stuff on the floors. Like glass. And other small stuff. and pick up larger stuff on counters etc (like a pr of shoes, pop cans, bottles etc). I'll wear gloves and take my pick 'er up stick gizmo with me.

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Yep, the work is just beginning, but take it easy please! You've waited this long, you can do it in easy stretches. Glad your pinky is doing better. I'm going to have to order that stuff.

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Steph, honey!
Don't bend over to pick up those things. Get one of those picker-uppers which cost about $10.

And also, for the metal, get a round magnet that has a handle on it about the length of a walking stick, and scrub it along to pick up the metal parts. Of course you don't have to worry about the metal stuff getting in your LAWN MOWER BLADES, but you do need to worry about stepping on something harmful. I have such a magnet on a stick, and I have been using it around the outside construction site. It is great for roofing nails and long screws and rusty bent nails from the old walls and roof. Of course we have grass, and that tends to hide the stuff, so I rake the magnet through the grass and loose dirt, and hear that CLINK as the magnet catches something.

I got it many years ago when I lived on a houseboat, and dropped my car keys overboard in murky waters. Works like a charm.

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Steph, I get tired just reading about your project! Don't work too hard, I hope all the aches and pains will disappear when you can gaze on your finished work :)

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hi ya'll. I posted on here last night. i thought - but don't see it. maybe it's on another thread - lol! I was so tired I really didn't know which end was up.

I didn't make it into the new place thurs night. too tired. Friday brought tons of stuff happening. dbf brought out his mini dozer (his gson operated it - backed it off the flatbed). the guys used it to dig trenches on both sides of me! I'm stuck in the middle of 2 trenches... out the front they go up to the new place so I can't exit either way. In the back it's open to my land between the trenches - except for boy's 'man cave'. So, girl and I have to go out the back door by boy and out around his 'man cave' to get to the car, the plants etc. It's a pain but probably will only be for a few days. I so hope.

the guys cut thru the electrical wires to my water pump while digging. dbf had to call out his electrician... the electrician only made sure he'd fixed it enough to have power (according to his little checker gizmo), he spliced the wires and left. the pump didn't work tho when I tried to get water. dbf had to call him back. can't believe he'd leave w/o making sure the pump actually ran.

while I was outback talking to the electrician, girl escaped out the front door (even tho I had it barricaded). her only way out was under the mfg home or past (???) a trench. didn't find her in either trench so went in the mfg home to the front door to ask the guys. they hadn't seen her. I tore back thru the places and got in my car to go to the road and look for her (in the past she'd always head for the road and other dogs - but come when she heard the car). I went east...and south and no girl. so I pulled back in my drive to start covering ground by foot. As soon as I got out of my car I heard a raspy bark that wasn't from my boy - I headed the direction it came from and there she was! one of the guys found her in a trench, got her out and tied her up by her leash on the back water tank.
I got her settled on my bed and laid down beside her - and I was out like a light. when I woke up about an hour later everyone was gone.

that did me in for the night tho. I was out of it until about 4.30 today. I got up a few times to take her out to potty, feed her and me and give boy water, other than that I was out of it. I tried getting on computer and kept 'waking' up again face down on the keyboard with my glasses smashed into my face.

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Can relate to the jumping in car to find the runaway friend. Was in the past many times, I don't have the problem with my friend at hand. Scarey deal though.

Someone else on here falls asleep at their computer. You are not alone.....

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Ho hum........add my name to the list of sleepy heads. If I eat dinner and sit down, I frequently doze off.

Glad you found Girl though. I'm keeping an eye on MY girl because she wants to chase the scent of a wild rabbit in our back yard. So far the escape routes under the new fencing is not closed up, and she got out TWICE. At night, a black dog is not easy to see, and I'd hate to have to tell her papa that his beloved Dixie was lost or killed.

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Steph So glad to hear your finger is healing well. Just in time for you to get to work. Just try not to do too much at one time and over do. Pace yourself. And even though our house was brand new it was so FILTHY inside. So much dust and dirt. I was bummed and still cleaning up where they put tape on the switch plates and windows when they sprayed the inside.


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yes, it was scary. my girl might stumble these days on the uneven areas of the land (it's everywhere), or a small cacti, rock etc. and have trouble getting up. I've noticed lately that she stumbles over her own cable, where in the past she would easily side step it. a few times she's fallen with the cable caught around a leg and hasn't jumped up easily like in the past. I don't think she can see clearly anymore.

shades - good idea on the spray painting. I'll ask the guys about it. it would sure go quicker that way!

i'm glad the finger healed up too! I am surprised I don't have an indention on that area tho.

the guys are supposed to have the septic, water and electrical connections ready for inspection on Friday. we'll see!

I'm gonna try going to a flooring store again this week.

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Aw Steph it is hard to watch our dear friends age. We went through this will our old doggie and we still miss him very much.

As far as the hole in your finger filling in. The body really wants to do that. That dumb tumor on my leg was about the size of an egg and most of the hole is filled in to the point it is barely noticeable. Took a few, almost 6 now, months to do so.

I bet you really are getting excited now about the coming move in. Seems it will be a good time for it with weather cooling down some soon for you.


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oh yeah - the cooler weather will be very welcome. we're back to triple digit this wk again tho. it doesn't seem as hot as past wks because it cools down so much more at night now. when it stays at a 100 or more all thru the night the ground (everything) has no chance to cool before the sun starts to rebake it the next day.

dbf said they were gonna try to get electric on in new place while still on in this place - if possible. they're putting it in so it'll be easy to switch.

they got the electric wires down, water line and septic. had to put in higher amps/ switches - I'll have more stuff to operate there. like a big a/c unit. washer /dryer (hopefully). I only have a 120 for the stove now so I want to be sure it'll be easy enough to go to 220 if I need it down the road.

oh, btw, girl doesn't like me going into the new place! she barks at me the whole time I'm in there. It must scare her because she doesn't bark when i hook her outside and go back into our current place.

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This has realy become a journal for you going through all and sharing.

I'm sad about your Girl. Had a Pyrr with the same problem, even small holes would have him stuck. If he was down, it was very difficult to get back up. I was afraid to leave him without my watching. This was while living in NM and an Indian told me the sage was very good for joints. I had Russian Sage planted all over, along with the natural stil growing. So maybe he lived longer than the norm being there.

Girl probably thinks you have gone away when in the new home. Once you can settle in she will be fine. Animals are wonderful and always wonder what they are thinking.

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Steph I remember how exciting it was to finally get electric here too. Seems forever ago and yet it has just been a little over two years. And then WHERE did those two years go already??? Time is going so fast.

Our two were worried when we first brought them over here too. They were very uncomfortable in the house until we started to bring in the furniture. Then all was good with Tillie our now older one. Clancy had never moved before so it was all new to him. I brought a bunch of their toys over to try to make them feel at home while we were working over here.


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the guys weren't out today to work - I think they must be working on another place also and alternate days. I expect they'll be here tomorrow then.

dbf drove out today w/gson and took his little dozer away. boo-hoo. I had plans for that thing. like digging me some holes for my trees. and shoring up the sides of my wash. it's washed out to be level all the way across it about a third of the length of it.

he is planning to bring out the loader to finish leveling the ground around here but not til after the old place is pulled out and he can work that space also.
I was still asleep when he got out here. I heard a truck and thought the workers were here and fell back asleep. I woke up a few minutes later because girl needed out and saw the guys pulling out. by the time i got back inside dbf was calling me... he claimed he'd pounded and pounded on the door and I wouldn't answer him... ha! he was kidding me... the only reason boy didn't bark was because he knows 'daddy's' truck!
we talked about 'what next'. he said he'd line up someone to patch the walls inside and we'd have to clean the walls (he suggested a mop style something to use) and then they'd spray paint it. He just wanted to get the kitchen, my bdrm and bath livable so I could move on over there. I was glad he brought up the spray painting part... but i do have to consider the smell of the paint too. He didn't understand that part.

He's done so many houses and commercial spaces over the past 40 yrs I guess he knows about spray painting...lol!

when I brought up the flooring he said maybe we'd just put something down temporarily... like plywood and he had rugs we could put over it to walk on. (he bought up an inventory of about 5,000 rugs last yr shortly before his accident).

I also didn't bring up that I'm thinking of just tearing out the bathroom vanity and replacing it asap. not sure tho, maybe I should wait til spring. will post a pic of it for ideas. I was kinda hoping (?) it would be in worse condition so I could put in bisque colored fixtures... oh well. at least it's white and not black, red, etc. white will probably look better with purple and green anyway.

here's the vanity (south wall). it's next to the shower. those cabs are just horrible. cheap 'trailer' cabs. the openings on either end don't have doors or drawers.
I measured it and it's about 70" long. 24" deep. 1 sink is fine for me.

the shower - with sliding doors that i didn't want...
it has a seat on either side. it's missing a faucet handle tho.

and the tub. I guess it'll be good to sit on the side end and soak my feet.

there's a fan over the shower/toilet side and a regular light fixture (bulb only now) between doorway and vanity.
there is no door tho (no frame for one either).

The light fixture over sink will be replaced plus the missing one and the fan (eventually). the mirror also. I'll have to shop the 'restore' this next week and see what I find there.

what'd they do - take the light fixture and shower knob with them? lol! they shower nozzle in the other bath is missing also.

dbf is already talking about taking this one to his 'yard' and redoing it to use for an office.

that's me in the mirror!

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and because we love looking at pics here's a pic of the mini dozer. the flatbed is in front of it. the dozer is dbf's but that isn't his flatbed. I think mini dozers are really cute and handy for a lot of things. like digging holes for my trees and bushes. filling in rain made 'washes'. shoring up real washes. moving dirt and stone from the several dirt and stone piles around here...

one of the guys very carefully used it to dig up my waterline, septic line and electrical line. very careful not to break what was already there. except the electrical - he hit that one. lol! oh well, 2 out of 3 were intact!

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Steph, the minidozer IS cute. I would love to have a little bobcat.

You also say,"I measured it and it's about 70" long. 24" deep. 1 sink is fine for me. "

Hmmm, if it is 24 inches DEEP, that is the depth of kitchen cabs. Bathroom vanities can be much less, somewhere around 20 inches deep. And still allow for a good sized lavatory.
I think I'd rip it out and get one of your own furniture pieces to go in there, maybe with an undermount sink.

And no door on the bathroom? Ok, you can buy yourself a set of bifold shutter doors which will hinge at the side and not even need stop molding except across the top. I'm assuming you do not need a real locking door, just one which will close and maybe latch a la screen door hook?
Think about buying a pair of bifold closet doors, which come with the hinges and such ready to mount. The ones I bought were 12 inch wide panels, but they come in 15 inch panels (30 inch doors) and sometimes 16 inch (32 inch wide doors).

You are coming right along!!! You'll be in there when the Trick or Treaters come to call.

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moccasin - I've seen those little bobcats along the roadside out here for sale. would love to have one!

i've never had a bathroom counter that deep (I don't think).
I looked some up on the woodmark cab site today and they do come in 21" depth. that'd be fine - it'd set back a bit more and would just make the room look - roomier!

I think I'll check out the restore first and see what they have. while thinking about it I thought of Nancy and the restore and decided if they had something decent that would work for me that'd be better. using something that needs a home. what's in there now will end up in the landfill since it really isn't fit to be used.

back when i was looking at bathroom sinks I was figuring on not having more than a 21" depth so the sinks I looked at were small enough to fit that depth. I would like a drawer stack on either side tho - that'd be really nice storage! I have NO drawers in my bathroom cab here.

I was thinking of something like the double doors in this pic (not split horizontally tho)-

I saved this pic of the doors because that's the kind i want on my pantry (it has sliders - like bedroom closet doors). I'll have to measure the hall into the bath tomorrow. I don't need any major lock - unless I'm hiding in there from someone...

I never gets trick or treaters here. we're so far apart... and few kids (until about a yr ago). but no one really goes around. so many dogs and other things a kid could stumble on or over something out here. a lot of gated driveways also. my one neighbor boy when I first moved here (the only one I knew of then) didn't even come over. I thought he would since he knew my dogs - and my land - lol! I bought him a candy bar... so, the next day I took it over to him and guess what he said? 'thx, but i don't like candy'. wow - a kid that doesn't like candy. great, I ate it myself - lol!

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Steph, basically that setup with pantries flanking a window seat instead of a vanity or desk, is what I have in mind. The one on the right with a single door for the width should be okay for a 24 inch wide pantry. The one on the left with a pair of doors opening in the middle appears to be about 30 inches wide at least. Going up to the ceiling is really taking advantage of ALL the space. Then the crown molding around the room could also be around the pantries, making them look like part of the built ins.

We have been up north for all our Halloweens, and they have fewer kids Trick or Treating every year. The older kids seem to have more organized parties they attend, and that keeps them out of trouble. I like to ooooohhhh and aaaahhhh over the costumes for the little guys though. And give them something special. Those have their parents with them, and it has been my chance to meet the neighbors.

Some people say that yankees are not friendly, but I found that to be far from the truth. Ever since I've gone to Massachusetts, all have been really cordial to me. Somehow they know I am not from "around here." DH says my accent gives me away, but I don't think I have an accent.

The only place I've been where I was totally ignored and never waited on was the Sherwin Williams paint store. It would have been more convenient to shop there than go up to New Hampshire to the Lowes or Home Depot for paint, but I will NOT get on my knees to beg any store to take my money and mistreat me while doing so. I can definitely take my money and walk. You know the saying about "Money talks, and...."

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Great storage inspiration Steph.

EEEWWWWEEEE Halloween. Hate it. So glad no one comes. DH always buys a couple of bags of candy just in case.. He eats them. It is the one thing I can pass up. Unless it is a heath bar or butterfinger. LOL

We really thought since we are in town we would have kids show up. Last council meeting night when we were walking home in the dark it is apparent WHY they do not come up here. Even with our porch light on it is pitch black at our end of the road. Works for me. Joe said he will be adding a light on the front of the garage for me as it is not unusual for me to come home in the dark walking.

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moccasin - you're right - it's along the same line. with a single cab on either side and just the bench between it'd make you window seat set up. it'll look so nice when that project is done. i do like the cabs going to ceiling and the crown molding going over it all. makes for a smooth look. and it'll give you a lot of storage.

'yankees' are friendly people - maybe some a bit more reserved and that might cause some to think they aren't friendly. some people just don't open up immediately to people they don't know.

accent? what accent? lol! I bet you do! heck, I had someone out here say I had a IN accent yrs ago. what the heck is an Indiana accent? Now the far NE yep = accents. the South and areas like TN, OK and TX = accents. Never heard a CA, NV etc accent tho! I looove a TN or OK accent.

I think the Halloween costumes are cute (some) but since an adult I've never had many come to the door. during my married yrs we lived in an area of about 7 houses (in the country) and we got about 5 kids (not counting ours). In the 12 yrs out here I've had 0. So it's something I don't really miss. As a kid we went out early and long - til very late at night and about 3 nights in a row. Looking back I can't believe my mom let us out alone (with other kids) for so long and to go so far (we went FAR and even crossed a major 2 lane road).
Sadly in a sense, I think it's something that needs to fade away - maybe just to private parties.

Shades - be careful walking home! I know what ya mean about dark tho - I'm several hundred ft back from the road and have no porch light (I have some motion lights up close - but they tend to work more in the day time). No street lights on our road either. most of us out here don't like a lot of lights. you can see the stars better w/o light. besides, you can have lights in the city - didn't move here for lights!

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Steph that is the funny part I AM in the city. LOL WE are the end of the town or were until I annexed in the land behind us.
there is a streetlight on the corner but it does not come even close to reaching this far and the shop building blocks any light towards our house.

I think kids here do more organized parties and I think that is best for them and would contribute to them if asked. It is very upsetting to the dogs having people come to the door.

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lol! that's the kind of town I'd love to live 'in'! lucky you!

I know what ya mean about the dogs. a few kids and they'd be going nutso. out here you don't know what you're gonna 'meet' at the end of ones driveway either. some out here have lots of dogs - guy across the road has 5 I think.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

desertsteph, Good to see the progress! I'm impressed that you will have a shower AND a tub--you can always use the tub for extra storage ;D

We live out in the country--since the neighbor kids have grown up, we don't have trick-or-treaters. I recall taking my kids to my sister's house, because we knew most of the people on her street. We'd leave a bowl of candy out on our porch just in case we had visitors.

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tub for storage -

I actually use the tub here now for storage. I have plastic bins in it with my winter clothes (sweats). every time I want to take a shower I have to pull them out and set on the toilet. I'll be so glad to stop that!

If I need more storage than I have in the new place, something will have to go! I have 3 extra rooms (bedrooms - 2 have closets), 2 closets in my room (5x4.5), a pantry and a utility room with a few shelves and space for a storage cabinet. And I'll probably be getting a shed.

the new place has 2 baths each with a tub and shower. the hall bath is a combo tho.

one of the major things I've looked forward to is a separate shower in the mstr bath! I so hate climbing over the tub edge to take a shower. it's also dangerous for me.

the 'new' shower has those sliding doors that I don't like also - but at least they actually slide! the ones I have now don't like to slide and I have to fight them every time.

has anyone had those and removed them? I'd like to remove them but don't know what a mess I might get into if I do that.

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I do not like the sliding doors either and want to do shower curtain. Just seems a person could raise the front edge just a bit to help keep the shower water in. Then hang a curtain. But here Joe likes the glass doors and says a curtain comes in at him. Sooooooooooooooo Guess I am stuck with the glass and it is a real pain to keep clean. I think one of those curved rods would be a nice thing to use. I have an extra rod and curtains. Maybe I will just ask to try it to see how it goes. Darn missed my chance while he was gone the one night.

Steph you do not have to remove the frame the glass doors track in. Or maybe they are called tracks. And they just lift up and out. I have seen the frames removed and since they usually are screwed and silicone to the wall it can make a pretty big mess removing them.

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I had the sliding glass doors on my only bath at MoccasinLanding. I took them out. They made a small bath feel even smaller. I did remove the tracks, because they kept me from using the tub surround, they collected mildew, and they were simply caulked down. The side tracks with rubber bumpers had screws in them. After I took those out, I used the screw holes to secure tiebacks for the shower curtains. Looked a lot better, IMHO.

That "bedroom" without the closet, it seems to me would make a really fine room for putting in a wall to hide the storage half, then use the other half for your projects. The storage half would essentially be a separate room, not like you were adding back a closet to a bedroom.

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Hi everybody!
Steph, do you have a skylight above that garden tub? My mom used hers to hold her houseplants! More sun, no worry about dripping when she watered them. Since they clean the air and hold humidity, they could make your attached bedroom a little nicer for the lungs. I have never been to the desert,, but I imagine the dry air gets to a person at times.

I have always had tub/shower combos and have always removed the sliding glass shower doors, first thing when I moved in. Nasty, dirty things! (Maybe if one keeps up with cleaning they are not so bad, but I will never know!)

Chris, if you do get adventurous and try a shower curtain again, try the canvass ones from The Vermont Country Store or wherever else you can find them. They do not billow and attack people taking showers. You just have to put them in the washing machine occasionally. I used them for years.

ML, you are from southern Mississippi, right? Of COURSE you don't have an accent! I lived in Baton Rouge LA for four years, and I ended up with an accent. And curly hair - my hair just loved the humidity down there and got all wavy for me. Here, I just get frizz.

Steph, I can't wait for you to get to move in. Finding good deals on everything you need for the new place will be part of the challenge, but it could be a fun challenge if approached right. It sounds, though, that you may not have much stamina for all the second-hand store shopping, so that will cut down on the fun factor a bit. Too bad they have not invented transport beams like on Star Trek yet - you can bet a lot of us small homers would be sending you all kinds of finds from our travels.

You have lived in your little place so long, the spacious new home will feel like a palace.

BTW, we bought three things on our vacation - spent $24, I think. I got a stool for under the new desk in the kitchen, a green Greek urn looking pot for the dark brick hearth in the family room. It brings a bit of the green from the walls over to the dark brick area. The third thing is a gift for DH's brother in law. He is into making little movies. The gift was one of those black and white clapper boards the film makers use when they call out, "roll tape."

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Hi Nancy , Welcome back from vacation.

Thanks for the canvas shower curtain tip. Will look into it for sure. Anything to get away from those glass doors.


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I guess I'll clean the door and track up and live with that awhile too (not like there isn't a million other things to do). I bought a shower curtain in purple/ green already so maybe I can use doors for a bit then take them out and use the curtain for awhile and see which I like best. the doors seem to be a bit frosted - unless that's soap scum - lol!
at least these doors move! they slide, the ones I have now don't (w/o a fight).

I'll have to inspect the track on it with my magnifying glass to see what I can tell about how it attached. the shower walls etc are fiberglass or something. don't wanna crack it or anything.

moccasin - what'd ya do with the other holes left behind after the track was removed?

I hate the thought of continually having the track there to clean over and over. the curtain I can toss in the washer - or get a new one.

the bdrm w/o a closet is going to be the tv/computer room (I think). One of the other rooms will be my 'project' room. it'll have a big cabinet (or 2) with shelves for my supplies (and doors). a work table (in the kitchen now), my exerciser, sewing machine, ironing board. it has 2 windows so I'll have good light!

the other room will be for my desk, files cabs and bookcases... and boy. that room and my craft room both have a closet at least 6' long and 2' deep for storage.

nancy - so glad you are back!

the skylight isn't right over the tub - it's about a ft in front of it. but putting a few plantsin there is a good idea. I haven't had a live plant in over 15 yrs! It does get very dry here - like down to 10% humidity. I've thought about getting a small table top humidifier for breathing sake! In IN I had naturally curly hair - here it's totally straight!

on the front left of the tub is a bare area (like the right with the faucet/handles but w/o those) that I think I might be able to sit on and soak my feet in a tub of shallow water.

I won't be able to do a lot of 2nd hand shopping but think I will get to the restore store and a salvage store in AJ (that's close to the laundromat). I used to love shopping at stores with used stuff. Have gone to our GW a few times this past yr. Need to go there again too.

It will be nice to have the extra space so I'm not tripping over things - or the dog. and BOTH of them can come in. There can be some open space for them to run (well, not really 'run' at their age) and room for a walker if i need it. sure could have used one when I broke my kneecap in 2001. I can unpack my books and my clothes (most in bins now). And having a regular kitchen will be amazing after the yrs here with a corner area about 4' going each direction. that's it. and most importantly - a/c in all rooms - and heat in the winter (only really needed at night and maybe just a few wks thru out the winter). It does get cold in the desert in the winter here - and I'm outside the city so it's a bit colder with less concrete to hold the heat from the day. Doors and windows that close! So at least most of the yr I can keep any curtains I put up open to the desert. plumbing that works...yep, a palace. that's the exact word I used to dbf. 'It'll feel like a palace to me.'

It's a little more than double my space. I have about 700 now and the new place is about 1600. Room enough so the 3 of us aren't tripping over each other...

the present for the BIL sounds like just the thing for him!

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What a wonderful trip to take with you. I can't imagine the excitement of all the room you will have and love hearing about your dreams for each room. I know our post is going to get long, but keep sharing those dreams with us.

Think I mentioned I'm a Restore person. We don't even take glass bath doors. No one buys them and too difficult to clean up for resale. If you go, ask one of the Restore guys how to take one out, what to look for. I know the bottom slider is usually just silicone.

My son talked me into a "hotel" shower curtain. They didn't look like much for good use. But have had the same one now for 5 years. It doesn't drip water and dries in no time. I haven't ever seen that soap coating on it. A very shear white fabric that washes and wears well.

Be sure and get a little book with all your possible needs/wants and measurements. Never know what you will find. And of course some patience, I have finally learned that something will turn up when least expected.

Enjoy the desert winter. Hope there is not too much wind. Temps should get down for you to tons of things in comfort.

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emagineer - it's great that you are enjoying the 'trip' with me! It's more fun for me also with friends along. then there's all of the good input from everyone here - some things i would never have thought about! It's so helpful to have all of the extra 'eyes' on the situation.

I will check with those at the restore in Mesa about removing the sliding doors. that's a great idea. I'm going to try to get over there next week to look for a bathroom vanity. I'll just make the trip about every 2 wks or so until I find something. of course, I can keep an eye out for anything that might work in the kitchen too!

the idea of a book w/measurements etc is wonderful. I measured 4 rooms this week so far (got hot in there fast!) and will continue with the other rooms today. It's 10.30 am here and only 87 degrees! yea! there's also a nice breeze. that should make for cooler work time in the new place.

maybe I'll even find a few lighting fixtures at the restore or the salvage store or GW.

things that show up when least expected - they sure do! I met dbf 1 wk after I swore off men forever... lol!

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Steph asks what did I do with the other holes left behind when the track was removed for the shower doors.

Well, Steph, I think there were NO holes in the horizontal piece resting on the tub itself. Just caulking.

The vertical pieces were only attached with one screw each. That was the only holes drilled into the tile. I left the holes and used them for the curtain tieback hardware, which as another screw-hook.

As far as I could tell, the two vertical metal strips were also further secured with caulking.

The one strip across the top sat upon the two verticals, and a short bolt came IN to the vertical groove from the top strip, and a small nut surrounded by a rubber washer was screwed onto it. It stuck out about the same as the bumper washer over the screw which went into the tile.

It may not have been built properly, but it did stay up. I do not think it was original to the house.

But if you have EXTRA screw holes in your tile, you might discover that an epoxy paint could serve to cover a repair. However, before you cover up any holes already drilled in your ceramic tile, think about what else you could put there. Like a small towel hook that would not be hazardous. Or a towel RING. Those might be secure enough with only ONE good screw.

If that is all that keeps you from removing the shower doors, also think about a vertical grab bar....if there is solid framing behind that spot on the wall.

I would not let a hole go to waste if it is already drilled.
Just my way of thinking.

BTW, if you hang a back brush or a loofah, they would tend to be hidden behind the shower curtains. Just disappear.

I also had a canvas curtain that I bought from Lands End. I learned to leave it spread open to let it dry between uses. I still have the curtain, use it as a bird cage cover these days. It will never wear out. But with no vent fan in the MoccasinLanding bathroom, the moisture caused it to mildew. I'd like to paint it as a floor cloth, if I cut off the grommets at the top. Or paint it and hang it around my outdoor shower.

Also another comment about light in the bathroom and hanging plants over the tub. Nancy, your mom does what I do. Humidity loving plants THRIVE in the bathroom, especially when they have light. That is one reason I have those clerestory lights, and have hooks screwed into the ceiling for hanging my baskets in the wintertime. DH and I are short enough that it does not hit us on the head, and with tile on the floor, what matters a few drops of water among friends!!! I keep a LOT of small hand towels and small bath mats too, and use them all around the house for quick cleanups.

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oh that'd be just great if only 2 holes to consider! I'll look when I go over today. I just figured there'd be several on each rail. the one here on the tub has 3 on the side and some on the bottom! made in '73 tho.

I might get a small teak table (low) or seat to put in the big tub to set a plant or 2 on. at least for watering time.

I thought about ikea last night for the bathroom vanity but didn't see any cabs with several drawers that would fit. they did have some only about 12" deep so I could have them braced out in the back to use.

I remeasured the vanity in there now and it's only about 21" deep. I should measure 3 times and take 2 out of 3 evidently - lol!

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it's failed 2 inspections now. the electrcal panel box in the utility room is a problem. the electrician replaced the 2 shut off switches... it has a 100 amp side and a 60 amp side - into 2 100 amp switches.
but, the inspector wants it all on 1 switch, so the flip of 1 switch shuts it ALL down, not flipping 2 switches.

someone isn't communication very well. i don't think it's the inspector (I heard him talking to the head guy today - he seems very plain spoken).

I also heard him mention a prev problem regarding the tie downs and that they were put in on an angle - he hadn't seen them done like that before...didn't know why they did them that way here ... uh-oh.

I'm gonna look for my orange ext cord so I can sweep up dirt this wkend. and I might call the neighbor guy to see if he'll pull that old carpet/padding out of there.

i was pretty wiped out yesterday and didn't do much other than disperse meds to the 3 of us...boy seems to be doing better each day! he barked at the inspector this morning and walked down to that end of his pen. He also walked over to me to get a 'cookie'. I hung up a fly catcher stick and will put up another one yet today. The flies are all over him (the sugar). There seems to be less of them today than there were yesterday. As the sugar clears out of him (I guess) they'll go away. hopefully.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

desertsteph, so sorry to hear about the inspection problems, and health problems (especially for your 'kids'). I don't have any advice, except: Keep your chin up, and take it easy.

Oh, BTW, when we re-did our guest bath I took off the sliding 'hammered-glass' doors. There were three screws along each side, but none on the bottom--only some nasty, slimy caulk, which was easily scraped off with a putty knife.

The side holes were covered with tile, and I didn't worry about leaving metal-marks on the tub, since we were having it resurfaced. I hope removing them works out for you--the shower curtain is so much easier!

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I'm so sorry about your inspector problems. Good news on your boy; you've both been through a lot.

    Bookmark   October 1, 2010 at 8:57PM
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OH Pooh Steph. So sorry your inspections are slowing things down. Sending good thoughts it will sort itself out soon. Hugs to you and fur babies.


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mama g - that's what I counted on each side of the shower - 3 each. it's a fiberglass (?) shower but I'm thinking maybe I can glue in some of those 'put together furniture' hole covers on it. I should have some from a white cabinet I put together yrs ago. I hope that'll work. I'll look for some tub/shower water proof glue/silicone stuff.

dbf is going to have his electrician call the inspector to be sure about what to do this time. it should be ready next wk I think. maybe for a Wed. inspection.

thx for the hugs!

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as I was leaving to take boy to the vet yesterday (on conversations) I passed the inspector getting out of his truck.

it PASSED! finally!

Thursday I went to look at flooring. it was a horrible trip. I couldn't get to the store w/out crossing over the freeway and turning around to come back on the other side of the road! no access to those going north.

they really only had the sheet vinyl as an option. the other options were carpet and tile and the vinyl tiles were also hard and ungiving. dang. they had no peel 'n stick types. I'll be going to another store (maybe this wkend) to see what they have.
I looked at their selection of Armstrong's cushion step sheet vinyl. not really any I liked. She said a co-worker had several samples out to show a customer and they wouldn't be back for a day or so. I might go back next week if I don't find what I want elsewhere.

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Steph, glad the inspection was fine this time.
In planning to cover the screwholes for the old shower door frames, be sure before you cover them up that you won't be using any one of them. If they are in the right places, you might find it convenient to use the existing holes for tying back the fancy shower curtains. You know, some have two rods and the outside rod is mostly decorative with tiebacks. That is what I used my single hole for. I also had my back brush hanging from the hook I installed. I did only one shower rod though. Nothing fancy.

Up here in Mass., DH has installed a vertical grab bar for me by the tub front end. Not a long one, maybe 18". It is very helpful though.

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you up in MA now?

I will check the position of the holes. Mine won't be fancy either but a tieback might be nice as would a hook for a brush. i've thought about those rods that curve but not sure if I could put it in a shower like that...

at this point I can't even remember if my curtain will require a liner! will have to figure that all out later. I won't be taking the doors out right away (if I do). so many other things need done just to allow me to move in there!

I'd like a grab bar too but don't know if I can have one in a fiberglass shower like that - my sister did but she had them put it in at the factory so they braced for it.

I'm going over in a few minutes to put my vinyl tile square down on the kitchen floor - and try it on the mstr bath floor also.

then I have to carpet boy's 'floor' area before dark!

this is too much work for me! I need cloned!

my camera broke so I can't take pics right now. just what i needed to happen right now!

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well, after a few wks of nothingness (other than runs to the vet and going broke!) the guys came out and filled in the trenches, took away a lot of the trash from it all and showed me which switches to turn on to put the juice to the lights and sockets. I need to buy a bunch of bulbs tomorrow - some are burned out and some are missing. And I can vacuum over there now and suck up a bunch of that dirt!

I was tired yesterday but I did go to Lowe's and brought home a few sheet vinyl samples to try out (along with the one I had). and I bought 2 lever handles for the 2 rooms with deadbolts on them.

I spent over an hour there looking at stuff - flooring, knobs, cab handles, doors, bathroom cabs and lighting.

I think I'll have to get larger light fixtures for the outside doors. those small ones are just toooo small - unless someone knows a nifty way to change out the bulbs. I can't deal with the kind of globes you have to unscrew and rescrew back in. I also don't anticipate the thrill of squeezing my chubby fingers into the tiny opening they usually give to access the bulb on others.

Didn't see any lights that I liked for the DR area or bathrooms. I might 'see' differently next time there when I'm not so tired. I should look at lights FIRST on the next trip there. certainly didn't see any cab handles I liked.

they did have some unfinished bathroom cabs that were only 30" high (if my eye sight is correct). nothing special, just plain 'ol wood - oak. had some side sections with drawers - to purchase separately. just in case I don't find any at the restore or CL.

I didn't like any of their indoor/outdoor carpet on the rolls in back. they did have a few precut rolls (most 5x7, a few were bigger) that looked good for about 26.00 - 45.00 $'s. that's an option in the coming weeks...

I picked up 2 area rugs at the new 'used' store in our town last week. both 5 x 7. one solid color and one print with color of the solid color rug in it. might work in the back rooms or together in the DR/LR. Time will tell.

I did see a sliding door I liked. It was 3,000.00. So much for what I like! ha! I'm sure dbf has a much cheaper 'model' around somewhere anyway. and free to me is the 'cheap' I like!

Not much will get done monday or tuesday (doc appt for me and I have to do another glucose curve on boy Tuesday) but maybe on Wednesday I can make more progress over there.

I tried to post this yesterday but every time I scrolled down to about the halfway mark the screen would disappear and it would say 'loading' again! I couldn't even scroll down more than that to read a post.

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well, the place is still being set up - a bit. they have to seal/connect the joining area inside yet. Then someone has to patch a bunch of holes, cracks, replace a few windows and the sliding glass door etc. dbf has had someone start putting the 'skirting' around it - before I was ready for that. The underbelly hasn't been fixed yet. dbf said he had someone to do it (the guy doing the set up) but he decided not to and dbf didn't tell me. I had someone to do it about 6 wks ago and then i cxl'd him... now I've had to call him back and he can't get here for another wk to do it.
dbf is ticked to stop w/the skirting but i said 'too bad' - it has to be done!

the 'skirting' he made is cement panels stamped to look like rock and is beautiful. will take a pic and post when I get a camera.

most of the work inside hasn't been done. i've been tied up with/exhausted from all the sick 'babies' here. and me!

and I've been trapping the 'fall' mice. didn't catch any for days and couldn't figure out why...then I watched one night as a baby ran in the trap licked off some pnb and ran out...and another ran in...and out. the little suckers were to small to snap the trap! So I went out the next day and got one that operates on batteries. more humane too - it just zaps 'em dead as soon as they wander inside of it. a green light comes on when it has one. when batteries run low it blinks red. you can catch 50 on a set of batteries (good grief!) I think I've got the whole family but reset it to see. none yesterday...none yet today. prior to this i was getting about 1 an hour.

While they were camping out here they got into my canister vac... and now it won't work so I haven't been able to go over and vac up the dirt. I tried the wet/dry vac my sister gave me and it just blew the stuff back out - the place became a haze! yuck - won't be using that one! I felt rather bad to be killing 'em off BEFORE I found out they killed my vac - now I don't feel that bad about them...

so, I'm off today to take my oreck canister in for surgery...since I go right by a HD, I'll stop in there and look at handles! that will probably be my limit of things to do (already been to the vet today to pick up my girl's meds).

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WOW Busy tine for you Steph. I know how it can feel overwhelming. I am there myself. So much to do and very tired. Just resting for a few before I let myself take a nap. LOL

Hope you can get your vac fixed. That is such a bummer on the mice chewing it. Friend down there had rats eat the wiring out of her car.

    Bookmark   October 30, 2010 at 6:05PM
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"Friend down there had rats eat the wiring out of her car."

yikes! if I saw rats I'd be calling someone else to deal with them! gross! mice are bad enough. I'm so sick of them in this holey trailer...they can walk right in the door (just about). I'm sealing up every inch of the new place! dbf thinks I'm nuts but he sure won't want me calling him at 2 am when I see or hear one! they were getting pretty rowdy here - guess those babies really like to play (chase each other around).

that trap got 2 more since I posted above. a wee baby and a larger one. and I saw another one run out of here (scared him I guess). I've emptied and reset it. will see if I have another catch when I get back from the oreck place.

this thing is the best mouse catcher! by Victor, 14.?? at HD.

btw, I dozed off at the keyboard after my post above! gee, I should have been outa here by now. going...

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An electronic mouse trap??? I'm getting one tomorrow! I have a coyote trap set up by my pond. Several of our neighbors have lost small dogs. So far the only thing I've caught is a possum. Twice. They are sooooo shtoopid. It's a live trap so I let it go both times. But if I catch it again, I may haul it off somewhere. I think it is the reason my neighbor's dogs bark all night. And I can't catch a coyote if a possum is already in there.

My vac went out last week - right before dd & her boyfriend arrived. I went to the library and read Consumer Reports but I still don't know which one to get. I hear good things about the Oreck. How do you like yours? I wouldn't get a cannister though. My arm can't take the strain.

One year chipmunks while on vacation to Colorado, chipmonks ate the wiring in our truck. We were lucky to get off the mountain where we had spent the night. Had to spend an extra day in Durango while the truck was in the shop. Little varmits!

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marti8a - I LOVE my Oreck. no one can take it from me!!! the canister came with the upright I bought plus something else - a car vac or an iron - I don't remember. I figure I'll find it while moving, then I'll know!

love that little sucker canister. it finds stuff on the floor I couldn't even see. has to, the bag gets full and I don't think I've even used it much!

they thought it might be the switch - or the motor. he said motor is about 35.00 plus 25.00 repair. those little canisters are 200-300.00 online (at oreck stores).
I bought mine thru QVC when it was a TSV in 2000.

the electronic mouse trap - YES! I love it too!

Here is a link that might be useful: trap

    Bookmark   October 30, 2010 at 10:23PM
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my little vac was deader'n a doornail! for not much more than it would have been to put a new motor in I bought a demo they had so I'm ready to suck up the dirt again.

they started putting the 'skirting' on but i had to stop them until the guy came to fix the 'underbelly'. he found a hanging electrical wire under there and an open junction box with some scary stuff... he left those areas open and left me some material/tape to have someone close up after fixing. or said I could call him back and he'd swing by and do it for me. how nice.

I asked him for a quote to put a doorway in the wall to the bedroom behind the kitchen (across hallway from it), to tear out the fireplace (if I decide to do that) and to do the sealing up of the crack along ceiling, floor and ends from putting the 2 together.

dbf said when he calls to get a quote to paint it also. maybe he thinks I can't do it? lol! hope that means he'll pay for it tho...

I did tell the guy I might call him in the spring to get a quote on painting the outside.

I think I might ask if he knows a good local cabinetmaker too. He's licensed for electrical and plumbing and can lay sheet vinyl. and I expect laminate if I'd want. he saw the laminate in the kitchen and said that wasn't a good idea to have there. I do agree with that - especially for me since I drop things so often.

I'm hoping to get to best buy this week and hand test a few cameras I've looked at online. want to check the 'feel' of them before I buy one... I'm missing so many pics here! dang!

for now I'm off to pick up prescrips and some groceries at W (and a chisel) and hope i have some energy later to get over there and vacuum up dirt. I've only been able to do the basics for living these past few days for me and the dogs (they keep me busy!) because it's been so painful to walk - even with my pain pills and a few additional tylenols.

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My DH got a wet/dry vac for both our places, for $50 about, from Harbor Freight. I dearly LOVE it. We also ordered a lot of extra bags. It sucks things up very well, much better than either of the fancy vacuums we have.

In Mobile, I have the Dyson animal...or whichever one is YELLOW. It does fine. I do not have carpet down there, so just bare floors is a real test. I have lots of bird debris to pick up.

Up north, we got a Sears brand cannister, and it was rated highly, but DH broke the lever which keeps the handle upright. I don't think he understood how the handle was fixed and he forced it. So even up here I am using the wet/dry vac to good effect on carpet and bare floors.

If you have a lot of heavy cleaning to do, I would think about doing the wet/dry vac Steph. You cannot beat the job it does, and also the cost is the best.

    Bookmark   November 6, 2010 at 4:26PM
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thx moccasin! I just came back from over there to rest a bit and get something to eat. my oreck canister did fine sucking up dirt on the countertop, table/counter area, stove fan, stove top etc. it's small enough i could set it on the counter or hold it. It didn't pick up much on the floor tho - after I added the 2 wands it seems to lack on suction.

I'm gonna take over my broom and sweep together the crud- as much as I can. when i go to W I'm gonna look for the paper filter that my BIL says needs to be in this wet/dry vac so I can use it... but if i can't find one, dbf says he has a wet/dry vac he'll bring out for me to use. He says the suction is so strong on it that it's hard to pull it away from something it's 'attacking' lol! I'm hoping it won't be that strong if I put an attachment on the end of it. he thinks his vac will be too strong for me to handle. but I'm gonna try!

i got the kitchen counters sucked free of loose dirt and wiped down real good. not good enough to cook on or eat at but compared to what they were... they'll need a few more cleanings down the road but i can actually SEE them!

I also started on the mstr bath. it's disgusting really... did just a quick counter, tub edge vac in there.

well, i ate and walked the dogs so I'm going back into the dungeon for about an hour. that'll be it in there for today then.

I need the energy to come back and take a shower and pick up all of the paper 'stuff' my girl has torn up and has all over the floors. She thinks she's a termite evidently. This often happens these days when I leave her alone inside...

    Bookmark   November 7, 2010 at 9:12PM
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