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gail1055September 17, 2007

Well the show is over and I would call it a success. Although things were slow on Friday. It was a gloomy, windy day in the low 50's. We still had a pretty good crowd but not many buyers. I think it was lots of local people who normally wouldn't attend and others just checking out the merchandise. It was a long day to be out in the cold. But Saturday was a sunny fall day in the 60's and the crowd was huge. It was wall to wall people and they were buying. My cabin bench did not sell but the bear chair was the fist to go. 3 planter chairs sold...the pine cone, the sunflower and the fish. A couple step ladders and my chickadee stool sold. All of my signs sold and most of the fan blades. If I could of sold one more chair I would of been over $1000. I did get a blue ribbon. It's called a purchase award. I'm not sure how it works...I guess the community puts money into a fund that the committee uses to purchase things. If they buy something for at least $25 you get a blue ribbon to hang in your booth. Of course everyone thinks you've won an award so it may help your sales. I got a good lead from a bed and breakfast. They want me to come over and look at there place and paint signs for the rooms. They even said I could put some chairs in the rooms on consignment. So I'm going over there this week. They want a local artist to do this for them. It turned out to be a fun weekend. Now I have the winter to come up with some new designs and ideas for next year. Oh...The cat chair from the quilt lady sold and one of my painted canes on Sunday. Gail

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Oh congratulations on everything Gail!!! I knew your pieces would be a big hit. Can't believe the bench didn't go, but kitty will welcome it back home! ha

Great deal on the B&B thing too. That should give you a good outlet to sell your chairs and how fun to get to make some signage for their place. Will you put a tag on the chairs that says you do custom painting in case they want to order something different than what you have on show?

I love the canes. May have to paint some flowers on my MIL's cane and walker for her when we go back home next year. She loves pansies. I'd better start practicing now. ha

Congrats again on a good show. We'll look forward to seeing all the fun things you come up with for the B&B and of course next years show. ~Anj

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Anj, the B&B said I can put my business cards there. They have a website I think they've only been open for a couple years. I go to Florida for the winter in 2 weeks. They said I can paint the signs while I'm down there. I'm thinking I can mail them the signs. I can't wait to go over and check out the rooms. It sounds like fun but I have no idea what to charge them for this. I guess it depends on what they have in mind for signs. The canes are fun to paint and pretty easy too. I'm sure you could do it. Gail

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Congrats on such a successful show Gail. I am so glad it went well for you. Bet kitty will be happy to see "her" bench again! ;o)

Love those canes. Nice to make a necessity look so pretty.

It certainly has been fun to see all your projects as you got ready for the show. Hope you will continue to share with us as you do the signs and chair for the B&B. Now you have two outlets for your chairs in addition to the show. Good for you.


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Congratulations on your sales. Can't believe the bear bench didn't go -- it's one of my favorites. Do you go to any other shows? I'm going to Galena, IL for their show on Oct. 6th.

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Gracie, this is the only show I do. We winter in FL and my hubby wants to leave for St. Petersburg soon. I'm hoping I'll be able to get small things painted during the winter to bring back for next years show. I still have 3 planter chairs left and I might keep them for a show here in the Dells in early June. I think they will sell better in the spring. I'd love to go to Galena. I hear it's very nice.

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Excellent, Gail, and no surprise. The bed and breakfast lead sounds super!!

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"I wonder if we bump this up if Gail will sign in from Florida and let us know how that show went...I can't imagine she took many of those beautiful painted pieces back home with her...
Hey Gail, are you out there somewhere???
Suzan J"

Hi Suzan and everyone, I guess some of you have missed my posts so I'm bumping up this one. The show was a lot of fun after the first day when everyone froze in the unusually cold weather. I just do this one big show because it takes me all summer to get my chairs painted for it. Especially since I don't stay at home for the winter, so I don't have all winter to prepare. And there's only so much room in the van. I can't bring back too many chairs in the spring when we return to Wisconsin. My goal is to get lots of signs and fan blades painted this winter for my show, but so far everytime I paint something someone wants to buy it ;~) Anyway I'm still around and I have posted most of what I've gotten painted. You have to look in the GALLERY section. I'll bump some of them. And look in "PLEASE SHOW US YOUR PAINTED FURNITURE & HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS" in the gallery section. I posted some pics there of some things I painted last year. Gail

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Gail, your canes are darling and I'm so glad and not surprised that you did so well on your sales.

Where can I see pictures of your chairs and your bench?

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Hi Oceanna, glad you like my canes. A friend of mine gave me the idea when she asked me to paint her cane. Her doctor told her to use one to ease her back pain. She said if she had to use a cane it better be a pretty cane. Just look a couple post down from this one and you can find some of my chairs and a bench. I also posted some pics under your original post about decorative furniture on the gallery side. I hope you like them. Gail

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Hehe thanks for the update, Gail, and glad things went well for you at the show.
Truly gorgeous painting, you are a very talented gal!
Suzan J

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