Painted Pavers

Mary_Ann_MDSeptember 26, 2003

This is something I would like to try. I want to thank Vikkie and befuddlemom for the pictures. I hope to see more on this site to use for Christmas presents. So won't all you talented ladies help us all out by posting what you have? I tried to buy a book but with no luck. TIA

Mary Ann

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I haven't tried painting a paver yet. I have one in the shape of Texas imbedded in my asphalt driveway that I've been meaning to paint for years but still haven't done it. I also have about fifteen pavers I am going to mosaic with tiles, too, but haven't even started yet. So much to do, so little time, so little energy!


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I love painting pavers. The lady that taught me told me that the trick to keeping the paint on its to wipe the paver with denatured alcahol (sorry I can't spell). Then let it dry completely. I then base coat the entire paver including the sides. I like the Patio Paints that are available at the craft stores. I have some items I made three years ago, are in the sun and weather and still look good. For halloween I copied a picture I was lead to on this Gardenweb site. Run a search for "Frankie paver". It is really a cute frankenstein. Good luck

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