Why she's going to House of hope.....

doodlebooMarch 27, 2009

Bio mom has finally hit rock bottom! This may sound negative but actually it is a good thing. There is no where left for her to turn.

I posted that she has decided to go to the House of Hope. Here's the reason why. She is obviously still strung out even though she has been telling us her and boyfriend are clean and he is beating on her still. We knew this already but she was in denial.

She has reached the breaking point with the girls. The reason she hasn't called or visited is because it hurts her so bad she spirals for days after every contact. She misses them but is not fit and she knows that. The pain of them only wanting to talk to her for three minutes before hanging up is eating her. They are moving on. I told her she was missing it...they are reading and can tie their shoes now. More tears.

She is with a neighbor because her BF is flipping out that she is leaving. He became violent. She actually was interested in going when she recieved the brochure over a monthago but he talked her out of it. Told her she didn't need it and we would just use it against her in court etc. She held onto the brochure anyway hiding it under the bed.

She was on pills when I spoke to her and has not been taking her meds. She is having suicidal thoughts again. She's been cutting herself.

She was arrested for felony drug charges in february and she did not tell us because BF advised her not to. Her court date is coming up on the 7th of this month. Theyre hitting her with intent to sell. There is a very good possibility she will go to prison.

She has finally realized she is out of control and she can't get back on track alone. SHe is going to admit herself into the hospital tonight to get regulated. She needs to be supervised and she needs her meds. She will then go to her hearing and tell them her wishes to go to the House of Hope. If they let her go she will serve any time after her year long treatment. If she goes to prison first...she'll go when she gets out.

Everyone who prays here....pray. Any of you who don't, cross your fingers. getting arrested will probably wind up being the best thing that ever happened to her.

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I am glad that she realizes she needs help. I hope she gets it.

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loooooooooooooooooooooong exhale..........................

Doodle, I cannot imagine the added stress this has been on your life. I cannot imagine living my life as Bio-Mom (that actually sounds a bit like a superhero, doesn't it?)

Bio-Mom...dun dun dun dunna dun dun!!!

sorry. couldn't help it. :)

Your family has a long, unpaved road ahead of it. Picture us walking ahead of you, filling in the pot-holes. Nothing I can do but imagine things working out for the best. Blessings to your family. May you all be healthy.

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My prayers for all, especially the children. The thought of a mother going to jail, which in my state, intent to sell is pretty serious. Sometimes people have to hit bottem before they come up.

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It's sad that she has hit this point, but, like you said, iti's the best thing that could ever happen to her. Some people have to be shattered, not just cracked, before they realize they need to be fixed.

If she can stick with this, she will come out an even better and wiser mother than she was to begin with. And the girls are still young enough that she can repair the damage she's done and they may not even remember much of it.

Doodle - you are a special person caring for someone who has hurt you over and over. Most of us don't have that capability. You are an example for the girls and they will appreciate the grace you showed their mother.

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