Spider Web Art

pezabelleSeptember 25, 2009

As I look out at a light foggy morning I noticed all of the spider webs silhouetted against the sun as it came up. This brought back memories of my children and something we did on a morning just like this, we painted and captured spider webs. Using a can of spray paint, a sheet of colored paper and a piece of cardboard the same size of the colored paper we made art.

First off, choose the paper and paint to contrast each other, black paint on white paper, yellow paint on purple paper, etc. Affix the paper to the cardboard for stability. First thing in the morning when the dew is still on the web, very, very gently spray the web with a gently coat of paint, this must be done quickly so that the paint doesn't start to dry and then move the paper right into the web and then back it away. You now have a beautiful copy of the web.

We used to do this before the bus picked them up for school and I still have a web done by each of my twosome, they are now 43 and 45........but still fond memories and I have one done by my grandson to add to my memories.


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I so remember doing that! Brings back great memories


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Belle, What a beautiful post. It sounds like a poem at the beginning. That really sounds like fun and thanks so much for sharing this fun project with us. Maybe I'll get the chance to do this with GD. Punk

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