Why am I here????

anjabeeSeptember 26, 2006

Why am I here?? I don't need to be here. There are so many things I am supposed to be doing right now and I keep being drawn back in here to look at all the pretties. :) Did anyone post while I was away!! What have I missed? I must just jump on for a second to check. Then here I sit as my house crumbles around me and I'm not doing any painting of my own. Can't you people feel sorry for me and take a break. ha

JK! Please don't do that!

Ok, I'm giving myself the boot and I'm going to actually turn the computer completely off so it won't keep calling my name.

I'll be back in a few hours.......~Anj :D

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This is the first chance I have had to be on here today.
I feel the same way but I sit here and 'talk' and look.
I say to myself ..'Self, you can make that, you have all the materials' But do I get up and make it????? NOOOO, I sit here and 'talk' and look!!!!

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You two are so cute! I can totally relate to everything you are saying! Happens to me all the time. And that "quick peek" can easily turn into an hour or better. Thank goodness, DH doesn't mind as long as I pull myself away long enough to get groceries and wash some clothes. Okay, I did turn my computer completely off after my morning check in here. I transplanted a plant, spread four bags of bark on a pathway (still need to buy more!) played with placing my new totems and took some more pictures. Figured I deserved a break--so I'm back on here again. Now I need to go run an errand and want to get some painting done on the little doll bed. See you later. Luvs

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we are all guilty of this! i enjoy looking at everyone's creations so much, and it's like keeping in touch with old friends! lol i won't give it up!

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This computor has a Great Big Magnet attached to it,that keeps pulling me back.I've watered the lawn,have a load i the washer,that i need to go put in the dryer and here i sit.Afraid i might miss something.So nothing gets painted,and won't today as i must fiish this laundry,and also have to do my kitchen rugs,so that means i must also wash the kitchen floor.Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,I want a maid!!!

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A Great Big Magnet! Love that one, Kathi. That's what I am going to tell DH if he ever says "Are you on there again?" LOL

Payd6, I agree with you too--I won't give it up--it's too much fun!

Love chatting with you guys about all our projects and what's going on in our lives. Keep the posts coming.


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