Finally! The PA 'Princess room' is done!!

sharon_flSeptember 26, 2008

So many of you gave me your input this past winter as I refinished 7 pieces of furniture for my 5 yr old grandaughter's room in PA. I just returned last Sat. after 3 hard weeks of work. Primed & painted the entire room,and decorated it. For anyone interested in seeing several pics-if you go to the Kitchen Table forum-look for the subject "Sharon FL's Princess room" and you can see what I created. If I had the capabilities-I'd post them here but my msn unit doesn't have that capability, so my friend posted them for me. Again-thanks to all who helped w/suggestions, paint color, etc. Sharon

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I posted a link on your old message, but I'll do it here as well Sharon. It's wonderful!! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharons pics

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I'm heading over to take a look at the final project. From what I had seen before, I know it turned out wonderful. What a labor of love you have provided for your granddaughter. I'm sure she will enjoy it for many years. Thanks for sharing the project with us. Luvs

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Sharon, you did a fantastic job on your GD's room. I love the sparkly fabric on the curtains and canopy. My little granddaughter told me she was not a "princess kind of girl" even though her mom and I tried so hard to make her one. She is more tom boyish and into Hannah Montana and any of those karate costumed characters her boy cousins like. I still have one little girl to go so maybe she will be the one. Again, great job!!

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Beautiful work, I've never seen anything like it! She won't want to go out & play, just be the princess in her kingdom!! Thanks for showing the pics! Jan

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