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anjabeeSeptember 17, 2006

I was on another board and saw that someone posted a message on how to get to the gallery side of the forum and a lot of people were glad because they hadn't known how to before. So I thought I'd give that a try here as well.

If you scroll down the main DECORATIVE AND TOLE PAINTING forum page until you get to the first message.....right above that you will see ON TOPIC DISCUSSIONS [SWITCH TO GALLERY] Click on GALLERY and it will take you over to the page with all the pics. And vice versa when you are in Gallery you can click CONVERSATIONS and it will take you back to that side of the forum where we are just chit chatting. Please feel welcome to join in on either side!

Hope that is clear enough and see you soon! ~A

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Thank You! I hadn't noticed that. I had a chance to look a little last night. I can't wait to go back.

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Just bumping this back up. Luvs

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Bumping this up again for any new visitors. This forum has Discussions for painting related things, Conversations for non- painting related chats, and Gallery for posting pics of projects. Be sure to check out all three. Luvs

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THANK YOU!! I got here but hadn't realized that!! That is why I thought no one else was putting on pictures. Sometimes I am slow --thanks for the guiding hand!! I wondered why I was not seeing anyone else's work.LOL Jlily

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Bumping again.

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