Good morning!

luvstocraftSeptember 25, 2006

Hey, it's a beautiful day! Hope all of you are feeling good today. Like many of you, I take care of some "have to do's", then pour my morning cup of coffee and sit down at my computer to see what is going on here and at some of the other forums. Dh has noticed "my routine" and had picked up on my conversations about all of you and your creations. So today he says "so are you on there with your cult?" It tickled my "funny bone" and I had to explain that we are a "forum" not a "cult". It is so fun to have you guys to look forward to sharing with each day--starts my day on a happy note. Thank you. Now, I better get off here, and get busy. Luvs

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Morning luvs....I usually get the kids off to school, then fix myself a little something to eat and check messages before I get on with my day too. If I stayed here as much as I want to I'd never get anything done. ha I only stopped by for a second while I'm printing off medieval banners for my DD's castle project. Yes, we are still working on that. Sigh. It's taking up my painting time. Oh well, it gets turned in on Thursday and then I can get my dining room table back and get painting again.

Hey thanks for sending people over from GJ to show their stuff. I'm just too busy to go thru all the wonderful posts over there so I usually try to pick and choose a few so I'm not totally missing out.

I gotta go fix lunch for the little one and then continue on with the castle. Have a great day!! ~Anj

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The "Cult" - way too funny, got me LOL on that one. Tell DH that if he continues to be a smartie-pants, we'll just have to paint him with black lines and then send him over to the Garden Junk side so someone can fill in the lines with mosasics - then he gets grouted!!!!


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Hi Sal. Did you read my reply to you on the posting multiple pics? Hope you were able to do it. If not, email me and I will give you my phone number so I can talk you through doing it. It sure makes it faster and easier. Anj helped me learn to post pics, and now we try to help each other if we figure out something new. DH has his own "cult" plays some online game with my son most nights before bedtime! So funny to hear them talk about their characters. Ha ha Luvs

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Hey, Anj, Sure a good thing you know how to build a castle! LOL Are you doing any painting on it?

I am so impressed by the talent of all the people on Gardenweb--I can't help but ask some of the painters to come here to share with us--partly so I know you and Kathi won't miss out, but also so their pics will be on this gallery for any newbies to see.

I just wanted to let you know that I went to the P.O. today to mail the package. Hope it will be fun for you. If not your style or not interested, just pass on to someone else, okay? Not everyone likes the same things.

Got to go check some more posts. Luvs

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Thank you luvs, I'll be looking for it. I'm a little nervous that I won't be able to do it, but I'll try anything once. ha I know it will be fun either way.

That castle! Brother. I'm only supposed to be supervising her, but I've had to start her off on a few things painting. It's looking pretty good, I think. I'm itching to get my paint brushes on it and make vines climbing the towers and I can think of all kinds of things that will make it better, but it's hers. She painted these lovely tiny little rose stained glass windows on her church. I was impressed. ha She's a good little artist at 11. I just want it done so I can get back to my projects. ha

I for one am glad you are sending more people over. It's fun. As you can see it's going on 1am and my little one just hit the sack so I'm off to bed too. I'll try to catch ya'll tomorrow. ~Anj

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Hey Anj, Hope you got to rest good finally. Is your little one feeling okay, but just wanting to play some more?

Glad the castle is going well. You are a good Mom to let her do it on her own as much as she can. At 11, I am sure she knows just how she wants it to look!

DIL emailed me that today is the day GD starts potty training. I've got to go find a seat and step stool for when she is over here. Have such mixed emotions--sort of wish she could have stayed a baby longer, yet so much fun seeing her learn and grow!

Well, I need to do a little yard stuff before it gets too hot, then want to get that doll bed painted today.

Funny thing--now that i know I will be showing it to an audience (this forum), it makes me a little nervous about painting it! Ha ha Luvs

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Don't be nervous...just be glad that you can do the painting, and know how to post the pictures for us to see.

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Good morning ladies,I'm glad I'm not the only GJer who hangs out here but doesn't post. I'm working on a baby afgan for my DD's friend. I need to get it done so I can get to my winter/fall projects. I love all the painting everyone does here. I bought some practice sheets for One Stroke painting and I really want to try that. There's just to many crafts to try it makes me dizzy.

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Welcome Sewigardnut, Most of us hang out over at GJ too, but try to post most of the painting stuff here. Some of it fits in at both places. Please jump right in if you have any questions and be sure to let us see pics if you have done any painting projects. I really suggest you get one of the One Stroke videos--you can stop, rewind, play it all you want to really see how she does it. I found some VHS tapes at Joanne's for $5, and I think the PBS site has the ones from her series pretty cheap. They are only 30 minute ones, but good. I got a couple of those for $4.95. Once you "get it", I think you will find it much easier than regular painting. Just have fun, most painted things look great even when they are not "perfect". You are right--there are so many wonderful crafts to try, that's why it is so fun to have these forums to see what others are doing and to share ideas. Hope you keep stopping by to chat with us. Luvs

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Yes, are most welcome here too. We play at a lot of different forums including GJ. I get a little overloaded there because there are so many cool projects to look at and try. Been hanging out here with these fun girls lately. It seems a little less crazed and a little more cozy so far, so hope you'll stop over and chat with us and post your painted things when you have them too. I hope to be starting the One Stroke soon too so you won't be the only newbie! :) ~Anj

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