Kathi, love your album!!

anjabeeSeptember 11, 2006

Oooh Kathi!! I looked at your pics and I'm having overload! So many things I want to comment on. First, who are those cutie patooties? Very handsome boys. :)

I love the frog & flamingo fan critters.

Is that an Americana quilt you've started. Love the theme! I want to make one like that! First I have to figure out how to quilt. ha Looks like you've mastered it. The ones you show are beautiful.

Love the Uncle Sams. Did you paint those? and the snowmen plaques?

Do you know the name of that red grass with the little fluffies? I planted some, but don't know the name of it and am wondering if it's a perrenial? Your yard is gorgeous!

Love all the cross-stitch. How did you manage to hang on to so many. Most of mine have gone out as gifts.

Ok, I just have to admit that I love everything! You are very multi-talented and creative. Give yourself a pat on the back for me and keep em coming! Thanks so much for sharing with us! ~Anj

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Thanks Anj,

Those cutie patooties are ,in the red,my GS and the baby in blue is my GGS,one is 6 years,the other is 9 mos.

The frog and flamingo DH got from QVC,love those!!

That's the start of an Americana quilt.I got all those blocks for my birthday in a b'day block swap i'm in here on the GW quilt site.See i also go to several places on the GW.

No to Uncle sam,Turn him over and he's a bunny on the other side.Got him at a yard sale for 3.00.As for the snowman plaques,i got them at the 99 cent store last year and they are on slate.Couldn't pass that up.!!!

As far as the grass,all i know about it is it's called Fountain grass.DH bought it and he never saves the tags.GRRRRRRRR.

As for the cross stitch,i also have given quite a bit away as gifts,but remember i stitch every night and sometimes in the dy as well if it's too hot to do anything else.Keeps me from eating!!!LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed your tour through my album,hope some others have albums to share.I love looking at what others have done.
Have a great day.

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