Painting pavers?

SunnyDJSeptember 17, 2011

I've never painted a paver or matter of fact, anything, but I saw the cutest paver in a yard and thought, I can do that.....

But, what type of paint do you coat it with 1st? And then what paint do you use for your design?

I know I probably should just do a search but I'm hoping this might be easier.....

Thanks for any and all help.....

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Sunny DJ...thanks for dropping by...hope you come again!

Great question and I can only address the type of paint as I have never painted on a paver, but have painted on concrete, which is the same material just a different shape.

First, are you going to use it outside in the weather? If so, a paint called Patio Paints is the perfect thing to get. It is made for terra cotta, concrete. etc. You should be able to find that at any craft store.

Second, the brushes. If you are buying brushes stick to the cheapest you can find because the concrete will really ruin a good brush.

I just check out a pattern in an older magazine and they did not prep the surface except to clean the crevices and wipe it down with water. You might want to draw out the design on paper before you begin, just trace around the paver and then sketch in your pattern. If you want to transfer you sketch to the paver, just use carbon paper or darken the back side of the sketch lines and use it as a transfer.

I hope this has helped and yes you can paint it! Please check back and show us your finished painting!

Hope some of the other gals here can jump in with more information!!!!


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Belle, thank you for all your help, that was wonderful....Now to get workin on it and not loose my "good intentions"., lol.....
thanks again.....

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When I painted my paver/edger I undercoated with Patio Paint just as Belle suggested. I then used regular Folk Art paint for my design. You just need to coat it with a sealer when you are finished. I used a spray sealer.

Don't forget Belle's advice about using cheap brushes.

This is the paver I painted and it has been in the yard all summer and looks brand new.


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I cleaned my pavers and then primed with a good primer and then painted with the Folk Art paints also and sealed good...

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Marylee, your M&M guys are so darn cute! Bet they put a smile on everyone's face when they see them! ;o) Luvs

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Marylee....sorry I missed your your M & M's. I found several other I would like to paint, sometime!


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those are the cutest things I have seen. didn't think of painting them.

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I sprayed my pavers with plain ole spray paint.
I did soften the edges with with a grinder before painting.
I used black gesso to paint the snowman faces but the other things were just painted with acrylic paint. They didn't start flaking for 6-7 years. (Some were outside during hurricane Ivan.) The paint does fade some in that length of time too. You can see mine on my website (I think-Cox says it is going to quit supporting websites-it seems to still be there today.)


Use the 'next page' at the bottom right to see all the pages. pavers on at least 2 pages.

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Oh my, there is a whole stack of pavers in the yard that hubby was saving, guess what? lol.

I would use DecoArt Patio paint, I have used it on pots for the outside and they are as bright as ever for years. If you can't find the paint in the store, you can buy direct from DA,

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I made an Uncle Sam using Patio paints- I use it inside but my lady bug is outside for 2-3 yrs now & is fine. I used Patio paints & then sprayed with Krylon clear finish. My snowman I spray painted white & just painted on face & added crocheted scarf & hat I made to fit over the keyhole pavers. I think he was in Country Woman craft section of their magazine couple yrs back. Jan

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Looks like you got lots of good advice on this. I hope you'll show us your finished project. Marylee, love your m&m's!! ~Anj

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How do you transfer the design to the paver? I've tried the graphite paper and doesn't work. Any other suggestions?

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