As promised, here is what I am working on

charmoMarch 20, 2009

Hi guys! Here are pics of what I have been doing. The glass to glass is actually the one with my cat I was telling you I broke once it was finished, then I bought another piece of glass and redid the whole thing. One is my TG BB. Another BB with stained glass and Mac Glue. One pic of my poisonous mushroom, still have to grout it. One BB with marbles, I am doing a ladybug but here I couldn't find any black marbles so I used purple and red. The other one I am just starting, I put on the ears on it, and the front you can't really see it but I put a nose on it. I took a piece of aluminum foil and put it on my own nose to form it, then filled that with plaster and when it was dry I stuck it on the BB with thinset! So this is what I have been doing during my week off on March Break! Hee Haw!

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Charmo, They are all just lovely. Beautiful!! Love the window!!! Gorgeous..Cathy

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Gorgeous! I too love the window!!! BB are great too! And the mushroom is so cute! Good job!!! Such eye candy and inspiration!!!

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Love your window and TG BB. Go girl


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Wow, you've been I have...this must be what having an addiction is like, cuz I feel addicted...your mosaics look great!

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I really love the cat window, you did a great job on the cat, love the colors, very vibrant! Your bb's are great! I love the tg one, I gotta try that stuff, I love the effect.
I just finished a mushroom too! Now you've inspired me to do my bowling ball!

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T---riffic work, I especially like the window with your kat. Is that your first glass on glass? I want to do some glass on glass also. I was hoping you could get a closer or larger picture of it, I cannot really see any details of the kat. I clicked on the picture, but photo bucket says failed. If it is to much trouble I will understand, and I will still think you do great work ;~)

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Wisrose, I don't know if this will work, but I just added a link to flickr so you can go see a bigger pic. This is actually my 3rd GOG, and I am loving it! The only thing that I find a 'bummer' is when the grout bleeds under the glass, so when gluing your glass pieces on the glass itself, you have to make sure you put glue on the edges or this will happen, it still looks pretty good though, and I guess the more we do the better at it we get!

Just click on the word "flickr" and there click on the pic and to see it even bigger click on "all sizes" on top!

Here is a link that might be useful: flickr

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