Need to get busy on some projects!

luvstocraftSeptember 29, 2006

Good morning all,

I have been thinking--it's hard but I force myself to do that once in awhile--that I had better get busy on painting more projects.

If I don't, I won't have anything to post on here! :0(

Maybe that might be why this forum got so inactive--people just ran out of pics to post and projects to discuss???

I have no excuse not to paint--I only work two days a week now, only me and DH at home, lots of supplies on hand, tons of good patterns, a good stash of wood and some metal trays--I just tend to procrastinate and let the opportunity slip away.

I so enjoy coming here to see your projects, share my projects with you too, and to chat about everything! Let's make sure we don't let this forum grind to a halt!

And I am still hoping that with Winter coming--more people will be inside and they will do some painting projects and come share them here with us.

I'd even love to see old projects they've painted--those often spark an idea for someone else, and they are so fun to look at. Maybe with everyone pulling out their decorations for Halloween and Christmas--they will take pics to show us!

Hey! Now I am so relieved! Just realized that I can still post pics of projects here for awhile yet--I have lots of holiday things I can show you! Wahoo!

How about you?


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It's almost time to bring down the Halloween boxes and I'll see what's in there. Can't even remember, but I know for sure I have some more jars. I'll keep painting and posting too so between us and the others maybe we can keep things interesting. I'm hoping as the weather cools we'll get more projects going here. We've just got to keep each other pumped up and excited to get painting!! ha I'm hoping to start a few things this weekend. ~Anj

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You may get more people here as the weather gets colder.
I belong to several dollhouse groups and during the summer there's not a whole lot of posting, just the regulars who post almost daily anyway.
I usually start getting back to my various arts when school starts, but the kitchen still isn't quite done and after that we still have to paint the dining room, the family room, the hall and living room. We figure it'll by done by Thanksgiving...and I was planning on finishing my dollhouse bangalow then completing another dollhouse project for my mom.....oh well.
Maybe I should buy some unpainted minifurniture or try some more miniature paintings. I don't make as big a mess with them and they don't take as long in case I'm interrupted. I'm always interrupted......
DH comes looking for me. "What are you doing? Do we have anything to eat? What are you doing now?"

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Kenne~ sounds like my kids, but what are men, but overgrown kids anyway. ha JK

I got down my Halloweenie stuff today. Don't have a lot of painted stuff, but what I have will have to wait to post until DD get's back from her sleepover tomorrow afternoon. She took my digi camera with her. Hopefully it will come back in one piece or I may not be posting anything else! Oh dear, didn't think of that when I let her borrow it! ~Anj

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sounds just like me! I spend more time on the computer than I do creating!! thanks again to all for sharing and keeping each other motivated. I'll post a couple pics for sharing.

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Great! Sounds like even with just the four or so of us, we can keep this forum going.
Kennebunker, we would enjoy seeing any new dollhouses you do, and if you do more paintings, please show us pics. However, we understand that you are really busy with the remodel right now--just keep coming by to chat with us as you have time, okay?
Anj, I have a few Halloween painted items, I'll try to dig them out and take some pics too. And I know you are going to be workjing on new things to show us too.
Payd6, I know what you mean--this computer is so fun. Love to sign on here and some of the other forums to see what everybody is doing. But, yes, it does take away from creating time!
Okay, now we need to encourage Kathi to start painting some more too, so she can share with us.
And I know Valleyrimgirl checks in on us so maybe she will start posting pics of her projects.
Frances has joined right in too, and is sharing her creations with us.
And I know Cait, Nona, Craftylady, and some of the other GJer's stop by here sometimes, hopefully they will keep sharing their painted items with us too.
Did I miss anyone so far? My memory isn't what it used to be. If I did, forgive me and please keep coming by and sharing with us!
So we are growing in numbers! Yeah! With more people, when one of us doesn't have a project to share, another one will.
I love pouring my coffee and signing on here to look and chat a minute--helps keep me motivated to want to do more projects too! And I love hearing about what's going on in all your lives. So great that we live so far apart, yet we can meet on here and become friends because of our common interest
Have a great day--and try to pick up that paintbrush! LOL

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